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If you typed cabinets storage into a search engine, no doubt you were looking to discover how to unravel the rat's nest of possessions that's transformed your garage, closets or other spaces in your home into a giant mess. Kitchen storage cabinets can make your life less complicated by allowing you to see easily all of your foodstuffs. Buy a media storage cabinet, and your music and video collection can be gotten up off the floor or off the top of your DVD player where it's blocking the air flow to your DVD player. The bottom line is that storage cabinets of every type, for every purpose, can save you time as organized placement of your possessions allows you to find things when you need them.

I have office storage cabinets that I've both bought and built. These have worked so well, I'm copying the same system and layout in my new home office. These cabinets are a mix of horizontal file cabinets and open shelving that's hung so the bottom of the first shelf is easily reached while I'm sitting at my desk. You can't ask for more convenience. What's more, some of the wall cabinets store my fax machine and other things that might take up valuable desk real estate.

My favorite home-storage cabinets are the ones I have in my garage and laundry room. I recently remodeled my laundry room and installed 42-inch high cabinets that reach to the ceiling. All sorts of things can be stored out of sight in these extra-tall cabinets. Prior to this, we would just throw some things like small picnic coolers on top of the regular-height cabinets. Not only would this look cluttered, but they were dust magnets up there.

My garage storage cabinets are a mixture of old cabinets I salvaged over the years from remodeling jobs. If you create a relationship with one of the remodeling companies in your area, they almost always have old cabinets that are in great shape. They get these from kitchens they're remodeling. Soap and water and a fresh coat of paint can transform used kitchen cabinets into amazing garage storage cabinets. The best part is you can often get them for free.

Cabinets and storage go hand in hand as that's the primary purpose of a cabinet. A cabinet is really just shelving on steroids. Open shelving gets things off floors and within easy reach, but cabinets do this while at the same time protecting the items from dust and curious cats. If you don't believe me, just ask Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez. Both of these athletes undoubtedly store their ill-gotten achievement trophies, game balls and milestone uniforms in cabinets at their homes.

You may wonder if you really need a CD storage cabinet with the explosion of iPods and other hand-held devices that store vast amounts of music in a small space. My thinking is that CD storage cabinets days are numbered. I'm told there are distinct advantages to having the actual CD for music clarity, but most people will want the convenience of having thousands of songs stored in a device that's much smaller than a single plastic CD case. The same will probably be said of your DVD storage cabinet, although this cabinet will be around longer as technology advancements need to happen to deal with the massive data that needs to be stored as you'd find on hundreds or thousands of DVDs.

Two years ago, I installed a recessed bathroom storage cabinet. This cabinet is similar to a pantry storage cabinet you'd purchase from a cabinet manufacturer. Mine has a large door that's about 4-feet tall and then three stacked drawers under the door. It's perfect for all of the hair-care tools, personal hygiene products, towels, and anything else you'd want to store in a bathroom.

If you don't have room for one of these cabinets, then install a wall cabinet over your toilet. Many people waste this valuable space. Often there is space for a 42-inch-tall cabinet that reaches to the ceiling. You can put the toilet seat down using it as a step stool to get to the top shelf.

Technically, each cabinet in a kitchen qualifies as a kitchen storage cabinet. My newest kitchen has about fifteen different cabinets in it. Kathy designed several unique cabinets that took advantage of every cubic inch of space that is under the countertops. You can do the same as many cabinet manufacturers will modify cabinet layouts for you, as well as make special cabinets to fit your needs.

If a pantry storage cabinet is part of your plan, be sure to explore all of the shelf and drawer options out there. We have a fantastic pantry cabinet that has five sturdy pullout drawers that make getting to things very easy. Traditional pantry storage cabinets just had shelves. It was easy for things to get hidden behind other things on shelves. With a pullout drawer, you get to see everything when the drawer slides out magically. This simple hardware can save you hours of time and lots of frustration.

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