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Car Rental Help

This is a very rare request for help. Are you a car rental warrior?

I need to rent a car in Phoenix for two weeks from November 6 until the 20th. The car rental company prices are absurd. Perhaps you know a secret car rental company I don't know about and can get a price down near $30 a day.

Anyway, I found out about Turo.com which is much like AirBnB. Private owners rent their cars. They usually have limited mileage, but my total mileage is well within the allowance.

Have you rented a car using Turo? How was the experience? Are you aware of other ways to get a superb deal on a safe rental car?

When I get your response, I'm going to curate all of them and share with the rest of the folks on this list so we can all benefit from your knowledge.

Time is of the essence. PSE respond ASAP.


Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com


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