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Cedar and Redwood Siding – Literature/Associations

Siding Associations - - Sources of Literature

  • California Redwood Association

    The California Redwood Association is a leader in siding installation and care. They have done extensive research in determining just how and why siding (redwood in particular) works. They know about nails, paint, stains and other finishes. They have excellent product literature, especially helpful planning guides for deck construction and other redwood projects. Check out their web site before you purchase and install your next piece of redwood. They may be able to save you some money.

  • Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau

    These guys are the source for information regarding cedar siding and trim. Rough sawn cedar can be extremely attractive, however, it needs to be protected from the weather in order to retain its beauty. Read the product support documents on this web site. They are full of helpful tips and information.

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  1. I have just covered a boat house(Adirondacks) with red cedar shingle siding to complement the adjoining camp. I want to preserve the color as long as possible and would like your recommendation on the strongest UV sealer I can put on it. I have been using a clear acrylic oil sealant every 2 years on the camp and it works OK except for the western exposure which has lost some color. I am assuming that it is the UV damage that diminishes the color. I have no problem with algae or mildew. I also read your information and the fed wood abstract on cedar as well. Thank you.

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