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Cedar – Do’s and Don’ts

Aromatic Cedar Do's & Don'ts

Aromatic cedar is an environmentally sound product. The species is renewable and currently grow abundantly throughout the USA. In addition, most lumber companies are planting more new trees than they harvest. There are sound environmental policies in place.


Use aromatic cedar in any location where you want to protect clothing or subdue a musty odor. Closets, chests, drawer linings, bathroom walls, etc. are all good locations to use aromatic cedar.

Construct the closet or area to be protected so that air infiltration and sunlight are kept to a minimum. These are the two things that extract the aroma from the wood.

Plan on protecting many of your garments. Insect larvae can damage wool, cotton, linen, blended fabrics and even synthetics!


Do not seal cedar products. Sealants will block the natural oils from getting to the surface.

Do not throw away cedar wood that has lost its aroma! It can be easily restored by sanding and/or coating with pure cedar oil extract. New aromatic cedar is usually very red in color. As it is exposed to sunlight and air it turns a medium brown color. Sand with 60 grit sandpaper until the cedar turns red. You will instantly notice the restoration of the fragrance.

Do not build a closet or chest without weatherstripping or tightly sealed doors. Air infiltration will significantly shorten the life of the cedar products. Store small pieces of cedar with clothes in tightly sealed plastic bags. Be sure the clothes are dry before you insert them into the bags.

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