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Cedar Product Sources

Cedar Wood Products

If you want to construct a cedar wood protection device (closet, chest, etc.), you have three choices. You can buy solid cedar planking, cedar veneer plywood or cedar chip flakeboard. All of these products use the same wood. They deliver the same results. The cedar flakeboard is the most economical approach. It is followed by the cedar plywood. As you might expect, the solid cedar planks are the most expensive.

I highly recommend a cedar clothing protection device in your home. It creates a unique aroma, adds value to your home and does a fantastic job of protecting your clothing investment. Take the time to install a good one!

Sources of Aromatic Cedar Products

  • Giles & Kendall, Inc.

    This company manufactures the most extensive product line of aromatic cedar products on the planet. They make cedar flakeboard panels in several sizes, aromatic cedar planking and trim moldings for closet lining. They have a full accessory line of aromatic cedar products including balls, blocks and cedar sachets for chests and drawers, packaged drawer liners, coat hangers and aromatic hook-ups for the closet. They also have pure natural cedar oil extract. They are located in Huntsville, Alabama but have distributors and outlets across the USA.

  • Cedar Fresh

    This company makes a wide variety of aromatic cedar products. They make solid cedar moldings for trimming cedar closets. They make solid aromatic cedar moth balls, solid cedar blocks to insert in clothes drawers, cedar shaving bags (that look like tea bags), pure natural cedar oil extract, solid cedar shoe trees and cedar lined clothes storage bags. Check out this web site if you are looking for innovative uses of aromatic cedar!

  • Columbia Forest Products

    This company manufactures aromatic cedar veneer plywood. It is 1/4 inch thick and available in two sizes: 48 x 96 inches and 48 x 32 inches. Their web site has a search tool to locate a dealer or distributor near you. Here in Cincinnati we have a company called Paxton Fine Lumbers. They deal in exotic woods and products. They happen to stock this cedar veneer product.

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