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Cement Mud Floor DVD

Cement Mud Floor DVD
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1. Are you positive you can create the perfect slope for your ceramic tile shower?

2. Do you want your spouse to talk to you after the shower tile floor is installed?
Heck Yes!
She Stopped Talking to Me Years Ago

3. Do you really know the right way to mix the mud and smooth it?

4. Do you understand how to prevent clogging the drain assembly weep holes?

If you answered No in two or more of the questions above, you need my Cement Mud Floor DVD.

Listen to what Gary Kinnett has to say about the way I explain things:

"Your instructions are so thorough it is amazing. You account for every question & issue possible. One can't fail following your instructions. Thanks so much!"

Here is Bob Fogarty, a satisfied customer:

"I just wanted to let you know my wife and I installed the shower pan this weekend and everything went fine. As you stated, by taking our time and not trying to rush through this, everything fell into place. We have not yet started tiling however that should be later on this week. All four sides are perfectly level and it appears we have achieved the 1/16" pitch we set our goal for. The information from Askthebuilder.com was of great benefit as both the plumber and tile company recommended to us claimed they did not do shower pans. We had no choice but to rely upon instructions from an outside party. I will continue to utilize you on future projects."

Kim Amster has this to say:

"We own both of your DVDs on Shower Liners. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful and clear DVD. It's out first house and we are very excited to be putting your concepts to work."

Minutes after watching this DVD you will be getting out your tools and mixing the sand and mortar for your mud floor. Your in-laws, spouse, friends, neighbors and co-workers will be amazed at your newfangled master ceramic tile skills.

This DVD was shot with High Definition television equipment by a professional film and video company. It is fast-paced and will show you step-by-step how I install a CPE shower pan liner in a standard shower stall with a seat. If you are considering another DVD product, be sure it is shot with high-definition camera equipment. It makes all the difference in the world.

Let me Teach You How I Install a Cement Mud Floor
$19.97 plus $5.25 S+H

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My action-packed DVD is totally interactive and covers the following topics:

  • Required Tools and Safety
  • Details on How to Get the Right Mud Mix
  • What to Do if your Mix is Too Wet!
  • How to Set the Prefect Drain Assembly Height
  • Techniques to get the Right Slope to the Drain
  • How To Install a Marble Shower Seat
  • When to Install the Cement Board for the Walls
  • How to Install the Cement Board to Keep it Dry
  • Preventing Hidden Condensation and Mold Growth in Walls


Shipping and Handling Info: The DVD is shipped Priority Mail with the US Postal Service. We have been getting superb 3-day service to the West Coast and 2-day service to the East Coast. Orders received by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time ship the same business day!

Return Policy: This product has a money-back guarantee. Please read our Return Policy here.

Click Here to Order the DVD!


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