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Central Vacuum Sizing Guidelines

Central Vacuum Sizing Guidelines

If you have an average sized house, purchasing a central vacuum system will be fairly easy. There are different sized units, but for the most part, they are quite similar. The difference lies entirely in the motor. I have a medium sized unit in my own home and some of my vacuum outlets are very far from the motor. I have never had a problem with suction power. In other words, I don't regret buying the medium sized unit. Just so you know, it was sized properly. I didn't just "guess".

The table below is just a general purpose table to help you get close. Once you select a brand, you will need to refer to its specific sizing table to make sure you get the right unit. If you are on the borderline between two units, always chose the more powerful one.

Central Vacuum Sizing Guidelines
Square Footage
Cubic Feet
Per Minute of Suction
Column Height
Number of
Vacuum Outlets
2,500 110 95 3-4 Cyclonic
6,000 107 113 5-8 Cyclonic
7,000 110 123 6-10 Cyclonic
2,300 110 95 2-5 Foam Filter
5,000 100 123 5-8 Foam Filter
1,100 95 90 1-3 Paper Bag
2,400 124 98 2-5 Paper Bag
4,000 90 136 4-7 Paper Bag

Column B290


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