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Central Vacuum Video

Why lug around a heavy vacuum when central vacuum systems can do the work for you? Central vacs have the motor and filter located in a remote part of the house. There are outlets available where you just plug in the hose. There are vacuum hoses or pipes located inside the walls that carry the dust and dirt to the filtering system.

Worried about clogging the system? Don't. The piping inside the wall is a larger diameter than the vacuum head. So a clog can not happen inside the walls.

Place the filter canister in the basement or garage. This keeps the dirt out of the house. Just empty the canister into the garbage can. If you place the motor in the garage, this keeps all the noise out of the house.

Central vacuum systems can be installed in an existing home in as little as a day. Check your local yellow pages for a vacuum equipment and systems company.

Central vacs last a long time; they are affordable and you will love the ease of cleaning your carpets.


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