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Ceramic Tile On Wood Floor Video

A slate tile will look great in the sunroom. There are couple of tips before installing the ceramic tile over a plywood floor. First, be sure the wood floor is firmly attached to the floor joints. This is a good time to get rid of those floor squeaks. Additional screws will help the wood floor from flexing. If the floor flexes, it will cause the ceramic tile to crack. Use 1-5/8" diameter drywall screws and using a screw gun, tighten the wood floor to the floor joints. If you have a plywood floor laying on another piece of wood, you can start screwing anywhere.

The adhesives used for installing ceramic tile have a lot of water in them. This water can filter down into the wood floor and cause it to warp or twist. Apply a coat of a water based urethane over the entire wood floor before applying the ceramic tile adhesives.

These tips will give you a squeak free and waterproof floor under the ceramic tile or slate tile.


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