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Certified Replacement Windows

Certified Replacement Windows


The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) in conjunction with the National Wood Window and Door Association (NWWDA) produced a new window manufacturing standard - AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S.2-97. This is a set of voluntary specifications that vinyl window manufacturers can choose to adopt in the manufacturing process. The specifications create minimum performance standards for factory fabricated windows in the following areas: structural adequacy to withstand wind loads; resistance to water leakage; resistance to air infiltration; and forced entry resistance. Manufacturers who choose to make vinyl window products that pass all of these standards and agree to independent inspections are issued a certification letter. They are also permitted to apply a special label to each window. The AAMA or NWWDA inspectors can make surprise visits at any time to remove windows from the factory assembly line. If a window fails any of the required tests, the manufacturer can lose their certification status. All vinyl window products made after November 1, 1998 must meet all of the standards of AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S.2-97. Prior to this date vinyl windows could have been tested under an older AAMA standard. Vinyl windows that pass the AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S.2-97 standard are your assurance that you have an above average window. Try to purchase vinyl windows that meet this certification. The window manufacturers hould be able to produce a letter from AAMA/NWWDA or the windows should have the "seal of approval" label on the window jamb when they are delivered to your house.

Energy Star

The Energy Star certification program is a voluntary partnership program between the United States Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and different window and door manufacturers. Vinyl windows that carry the Energy Star label save energy. These windows usually exceed the most energy efficient building codes in the nation by 10 to 15 percent. Vinyl windows that are Energy Star certified often are 40 percent more energy efficient than windows that are permitted to be installed under the minimum standards of most building codes.


A different organization, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), has developed uniform standards to test the thermal performance of windows. The NFRC is an independent, non-profit organization made up of representatives from manufacturers, suppliers, builders, specifiers, architects, state code and energy offices, utilities, consumer groups and the federal government. This group has developed a fair, accurate, reliable and credible method to test windows, doors and skylights and report on their energy efficiency. The NFRC testing looks at window performance for winter and summer months. When you heat your home, heat can travel right through the glass. For this reason, the NFRC wants to identify windows that allow the least amount of heat to escape. The heat flow can be measured. Windows that allow the least amount of heat to leave your home during the winter months have low U-value numbers. Heat produced by the sun can travel through glass. If you air condition your home, this extra, unwanted heat has a negative effect on your bank balance. The NFRC tests windows for this summer heat gain. The results of the test produce a number called the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). This number works just like U-values. Low SHGC numbers mean the window glass blocks lots of the solar energy that is trying to enter your house during hot summer days. The testing process produces a sticker that each manufacturer can place on their products. This sticker is very similar to the familiar "miles-per-gallon" sticker you see on new cars. The NFRC sticker applied to the window glass tells you how well the window performs in cold and warm weather. Currently the stickers show a U - factor. Remember, small U - factor numbers equal BIG energy savings for you. The NFRC rating program is currently working on a more "user-friendly" label that will display two numbers - one for heating and one for cooling. Be sure that the windows you purchase have this important NFRC certification label. The NFRC publishes a large book that contains all of the products that they have tested. It is called the Certified Products Directory . It is not uncommon for a quality window company salesperson to carry this book with them on visits to your home. They can open the book and show you that a particular window they sell has - in fact - been certified by the NFRC.

The companies below each have a letter(s) that follows their name. The letter(s) represent the level of certification they have achieved. More letters usually means better windows!

A = AAMA Certified

E = Energy Star Certification

N = NFRC Certification

  • Acadia Windows and Doors A
    Baltimore, MD

  • Accent Windows A E N
    Denver, CO
  • Accu-Weld E
    Bensalem, PA
  • Acorn Window Systems, Inc. A
    Quincy, MI
  • Advanced Window Systems A
    Saddlebrook, NJ
  • Air Chek Window Depot E
    Clifton, NJ
  • All Weather Windows A N
    Edmonton, AB Canada
  • Alside Window Company A N
    Kinston, NC 919-527-5050
    Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Aluma-Glass Industries, Inc. A E N
    Nampa, ID
  • American Vinylcraft, Inc. A
    Morton, IL
  • Amerimax Building Products, Inc. A E
    Loveland, CO
  • Amsco Windows A N
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • Anlin Industries A
    Fresno, CA
  • Applicators Sales & Service, Inc. A
    Portland, ME
  • Atrium Aluminum Products A
    Irving, TX
  • Atrium Door & Window A
    Anaheim, CA
  • Avante Windows A
    West Jordan, UT
  • B & K Window Manufacturing, Inc. A
    Woodinville, WA
  • Barrier Enterprises A
    Selinsgrove, PA
  • Best Built Windows A E N
    Yakima, WA
  • Better Bilt A N
    Smyrna, TN
  • Binnings Building Products, Inc. A
    Lexington, NC
  • Burris & Associates A
    Dallas, TX
  • CertainTeed Corporation A E N
    Jackson, MI
  • Champion Window Manufacturing A E N
    Akron/Canton, OH
    Atlanta, GA
    Charlotte, NC
    Cincinnati, OH
    Cleveland, OH
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Columbus, OH
    Dayton, OH
    Denver, CO
    Detroit, MI
    Evansville, IN
    Ft. Wayne, IN
    Greensboro, NC
    Indianapolis, IN
    Kansas City, KS
    Knoxville, TN
    Lexington, KY
    Louisville, KY
    Memphis, TN
    Nashville, TN
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Raleigh/Durham, NC
    Richmond, VA
    Salt Lake City, UT
    St. Louis, MO
    Toledo, OH
  • Chesapeake Window Products A
    Richmond, VA
  • Comfort Window and Door, Inc. E
    Syracuse, NY
  • Continental Vinyl Windows E
    Lennon, MI
  • Danvid Company, Inc. A
    Carrolton, TX
  • Empire Pacific Industries A E N
    Eugene & Tualatin, OR
  • Fashionwall A
    Wixom, MI
  • Gentek Building Products Ltd. A E N
    Cleveland, OH
  • Gerard Manufacturing Co., Inc. A
    Cheektowaga, NY
  • Gerkin Windows & Doors A
    Sioux City, IA
  • Gilkey Window Company A E N
    Cincinnati, OH
    Chicago Ridge, IL
    Dayton, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Louisville, KY
    Palatine, IL
  • H & M Vinyl Window Company, Inc. A
    Freeport, NY
  • Hayfield Window & Door Company A
    Hayfield, MN
  • High Performance Manufacturing Corp. A
    Baltimore, MD
  • Insulate Industries, Inc. A E N
    Auburn, WA
  • International Window Corporation A
    Hayward, CA
    South Gate, CA
  • Jeld-Wen, Inc. E N
    Kent, WA
  • Jones Paint & Glass, Inc. A E N
    Provo, UT
  • Jordan Company A N
    Memphis, TN
  • KVW Window Company E
    Manawa, WI
  • Kel-Star Building Products A
    Woodville, TX
  • Kinro, Inc. A
    Dayton, TN
  • Linford Brothers A
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • Marshall Vinyl Windows A N
    Corona, CA
  • Mathews Brothers Company E N
    Belfast, ME
  • McVay Brothers Windows E N
    Spokane, WA
  • Mercer Industries, Inc. A N
    Beaverton, OR
  • Midway Industries, Inc. A
    Bedfrord Park, IL
  • Milgard Manufacturing, Inc. A E N
    Tacoma, WA
  • Moeller-Riemer Company A
    St. Louis, MO
  • Norandex A
    Bradenton, FL
  • Outlook Window Partnership A
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Lincoln, NE
  • Pacific Window Corporation A N
    Banning, CA
  • Pennco, Inc. A
    Ashland, KY
  • Phillips Products A E N
    Elkhart, IN
  • Polaris Technologies A
    Youngstown, OH
  • Pro-Glass Technology A
    Nokomis, FL
  • Quality Aluminum Products, Inc. A
    Louisville, KY
  • R & S Metals Company, Inc. A
    Clarion, PA
  • Republic Aluminum, Inc. A
    Chicago, IL
  • SealMaster Industries, Inc. A
    Rockwood, TN
  • Sellmore Industries E
    Buffalo, NY
  • Seven D Industries, Inc. A
    Patton, PA
  • Simonton Windows A N
    Pennsboro, WV
  • Soft-Lite Windows A E
    Bedford, OH
  • Solar Industries, Inc. A N
    Tuscon, AZ
  • Starline Windows A E N
    Langley, BC Canada
  • Summit Window & Patio Door A
    Corsicana, TX
    Cheyenne, WY
    Kent, WA
    Kingman, AZ
    Spokane, WA
    Stockton, CA
    Yakima, WA
  • Superior Aluminum Products Company, Inc. A
    W. Collingsworth Heights, NJ
  • Superior Engineered Products Corp. E N
    Ontario, CA
  • Survivor Technologies, Inc. A
    Hillside, NJ
    Leon, IA
  • Thermal Line Windows E N
    Mandan, ND
  • Traco A
    Cranberry Township, PA
  • Trilite Company A
    Boone, IA
  • VPI Quality Windows A
    Spokane, WA
  • Viking Industries A E N
    Portland, OR
  • Vinylite Windows A
    Fergus Falls, MN
  • Vi-Rep, Inc. A
    New Britain, Ct
  • Viwinco, Inc. A
    Mentor, OH
    Morgantown, PA
  • Weather Shield Manufacturing, Inc. A E N
    Medford, WI
  • Weathervane Window Company E N
    Kirkland, WA
  • Wenco A
    Mount Vernon, OH
    Ringtown, PA
  • Western Window A N
    Caldwell, ID
  • Western Windows, Inc. A N
    Sacramento, CA
  • Window Products, Inc. A N
    Spokane, WA
  • Windowmaster Products A E N
    El Cajon, CA
  • Windsor Window Company A
    Monroe, NC
    W. Des Moines, IA
  • Yale Orgeon Manufacturing Company, Inc. A
    Hialeah, FL

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