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Channel Lock Pliers Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and today I want to show you some really neat adjustable pliers. But first, here is the first pair of adjustable pliers I owned when I started in the construction business some 35 years ago. This bad boy has seen a lot of use and was a good tool in its day.

Adjustable pliers have one jaw that can slide up and down and lock in different positions. This allows you do adjust the size of the jaw opening to match the size of the pipe or nut or whatever you are gripping. In the older pliers, there were only five settings for the jaw width. This somewhat limits the opening sizes.

Check out the new ones! Here is a brand-new adjustable pliers and this one is different. First, there are many more grooves for jaw adjustment. Maybe 14 to 16 different positions, compared to the five in the old pliers.

Second, the pliers has this button that allows you to slide the jaws up and down. A neat feature is if you slide the jaw all the way up to the smallest opening, it won't slide back down on its own. This makes it self-adjusting - a very nice feature.

There is a slightly different model that features smooth jaws. This is very important if you are working with plumbing fittings or valves with brass or chrome finishes. So when you grab the fitting, the smooth jaws won't leave marks in the soft metal.

The adjustable Channel Lock Pliers are available in various sizes to match your particular job.

One feature is a model with v-shaped jaws. This is beneficial when gripping the head of a bolt or a nut. It has more surface area, therefore more grip.

These pliers make a great addition of your toolbox.


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