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Cleaning Grout in Toilet

Dylan, who hales from Southampton, England in the UK, has an issue with grout in his toilet.

"I have a clump of grout in my toilet bend which a dumbhead tiler poured down my toilet last night and it's set.

What is the best way to remove it?

I have a grout remover and was thinking of draining the water and pouring that on it and leaving it for a bit.

Would that loosen it?"

Here's my answer:

Dylan, I would have called the tile setter worse.

Here's what I'd do. Add some toilet bowl cleaner to the water and swish it around cleaning the bowl. Flush the toilet.

Get a bucket and fill it with water. Pour the bucket into the bowl as FAST AS POSSIBLE.

This will create a flushing action leaving just a small amount of water in the bottom of the bowl.

Take a wooden dowel rod, or some other piece of wood and tap at the grout.

It should pop off the bottom of the bowl with ease.

Do NOT use any metal tools as they'll damage the thin clear glazing on the bowl's surface.


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