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Cleaning Up Oil Spills Video

Have you ever had a delivery truck, a friend's car, or even your own car leave an oil stain of your driveway? Do not panic; it can be cleaned. The trick is to act quickly.

If you have a brand new oil stain, take some paper towels and blot up the excess oil. Be sure to dispose of those oily towels as quickly as possible. Spontaneous combustion is a possibility, so get rid of them quickly, do not store them in the garage for any period of time.

Once the excess oil is gone, get some liquid dish washing soap and pour it on the stain. Using some water and a good scrub brush, and start scrubbing the spill area. Rinse the area off with a garden hose to check the results. If the oil stain is not completely gone, you may have to clean it a second or third time.

If it is a fresh oil stain, it should clean up with no leftover marks. Give it a few days and it should look as good as new. Just be sure to act quickly.


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