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Climate Change Myth Debunked

climate change myth

This is the Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rockies. It's the poster child for the man-made climate change group. The fanatics point to this glacier's rapid retreat and melting as proof positive that man is ruining the planet! It's climate change myth. They only tell you half the truth, if that much. I took this photo in 2012. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Climate change is real. It's constantly changing, but man has little to do with it.

Be wary of doublespeak spewing from the mouths and keyboards of needy scientists that grovel for grant money from liberal think tanks. These groups push the man-made climate-change narrative. The scientists are obligated to give the think tanks baked data. It's basic psychology. Read all about reciprocity here.

Climate Change Myth Debunked - Look At Rocks For the Truth

My college degree is in geology. Think about the old saying cast in stone and what it means. The true story of climate change is cast in the geologic record all over the world. The facts locked in the rocks are irrefutable.

Your feelings about man-made climate change are rooted in your inner ideology. When a core ideology issue is attacked by an objecting argument, it's normal for you to reject what you're hearing, reading or seeing. The global warming crowd, well now it's climate change, defends their beliefs ignoring the hard-core reality in the rocks all around them.

Here's some basic facts that prove man-made climate change is folly:

  • vast continental glaciers have advanced and retreated in North America four times in the past 2,000,000 years
  • no CO2-belching factories, buses, cars, trucks, coal-fired power plants, etc. existed during that time
  • mountains in the Northeast USA have giant glacial scratches proving the glaciers were there
  • enormous glacial outwash deposits are scattered all over the Northeast and Midwest USA from the glaciers
  • New York state's Finger Lakes were created by the continental glaciers

Geologic data contained in and on top of rocks can't be baked by scientists. Rocks, sand and gravel tell no lies. If you want the truth, you look at geologic data and ignore biased scientists.

Athabasca Glacier Facts - The Cold Truth

climate change myth

This is a close-up shot of the Athabasca glacier. I was standing on it about a mile up from its terminus. While it seems enormous, it's not compared to massive continental glaciers. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

It's important to realize the man-made climate change believers point to the Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Icefields as proof that evil man is to blame for climate change!

Another key point is I've walked on the Athabasca Glacier. It's tiny and it's always been tiny. The glacier is maybe 3 miles long and only 2,000 feet wide.

It's thin. It might only be several hundred feet thick at most.

Since the late 1800s, the time frame we've been spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, the glacier has retreated less than one mile.

That equals about 37 feet 6 inches of melting per year. You can confirm this with ease. Go do it now.

What would you say if I told you glaciers thousands and thousands of times bigger and thousands of feet thick melted much faster? Think how fast the climate would have to change and how hot it must have been to make this happen.

Keep reading and keep your mind open.

Gun range corss bedded sand

This is cross bedded sand and small gravel in central New Hampshire. It's far above the current river bed of the Pemigewasset River. The last continental glacier's meltwater deposited this sand about 12,000 years ago. I took this photo in 2017 at the Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club. Credit card is for scale. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Continental Glacier Melt Facts

The last continental glacier was massive. It covered the north pole and extended down and past Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The tremendous glacier left a nice conversation piece for you to go look at.

It's called the Doane Rock - a glacial erractic boulder.

In addition, consider these additional continental glacier melting facts:

Glacial Map of Ohio

This is the glacial geology map of the state of Ohio. It shows the different geologic evidence of the massive continental glaciers. Copyright 2018 State of Ohio

Summary - Always Look At Rocks for the Truth

The massive continental glaciers were thousands of feet thick. They covered tens of thousands of square miles. The minuscule Athabasca glacier is a tiny pin prick on a map compared to the huge ice sheets.

The massive ice sheets melted at a far faster rate than the Athabasca glacier is retreating. That evidence is undeniable.

There was no man-made CO2 around during the four periods of continental glaciation.

Al Gore and the man-made climate-change groups are telling you lies to make vast sums of money.

If you want the truth, always follow the money and study the rocks.

Remember, rocks can't lie, but Al Gore and scientists that get grant money can and do lie.

In closing, I'll not be arguing with you in the comments below. I can't change your inner being, even though you're on the wrong side of history on this issue.

Just as history eventually showed that scientists and experts were wrong about blood-letting, the earth being the center of the solar system / universe and the earth supposedly was flat, you may live to see that man-made climate change is just not true.

Kenny Chesney wrote a great song about where you might be at the present time. Listen.


6 Responses to Climate Change Myth Debunked

  1. You really should stick to writing about what you understand best. You won't convince anyone based on what is happening at a single glacier.

    • Thanks for your comment David. I believe you missed the point completely. Just in the last 2,000,000 years there were four periods of massive continental glaciation. Man was not creating CO2.

      Here's the rhetorical question that the man-made climate-change ideologues refuse to answer:

      How much *climate change* does it take to create that much ice and melt it four times?

      What's more, when you look at "deep time" you'll discover that there were other periods of continental glaciation.

      You need to step back and stop listening to the *scientists* and just focus on the data in the geologic record that can't be baked.

  2. I love you and your information on things you are good at, but you are way off when it comes to climate change.

    You can't logically make your claim for no climate change based on weather or small areas. It's called *global* warming for a reason.

    I suggest others go to the specialists who work on climate change (you will never change your mind), and see their proof. The scientists know what they are talking about.

    • Thanks Dan for your insight.

      I think you might want to reconsider your statement looking back at the legacy of *specialists and scientists*.

      There are quite a few examples all through history where your scientists were wrong.

      Here are a few instances of where the vast majority of scientists and specialists were on the wrong side of an issue:

      - blood-letting, yes they used to think that was a cure
      - earth was the center of the solar system, Ooops!
      - the earth was flat, Ouch!!

      Should I keep listing other examples?

      As I replied above to another comment, you should try to set your ideology aside. It's blinding you. Just focus on the geologic record. Don't listen to the scientists. Look and listen to the rocks and use your own mind.

      Scientists who rely on grant money to pay their bills are bound by deep-rooted psychology to deliver results that please those giving them the money.

      Don't believe me? Read the first two chapters of the following book written by one of the top scientists / specialists in his field. Pay attention to the chapter about reciprocity - it's the easiest psychological button to push on someone.

      You're attracted to these people so this shouldn't be a stretch for you:


  3. Nobody is arguing that climate change has not occurred. It's the *massive* increase in the rate of global warming that's occurred since the industrial revolution that's the issue. Much faster than any other time in our earth's history. If you think it's about the grant money, the fossil fuel industry and their investors (especially Koch Industries) have way more invested in not being environmentally regulated. They've invested huge amounts of money and resources into campaigns and advertising that are aimed at climate change denial and eliminating pollution regulations.

    Lets assume, theoretically, that man-made climate change isn't real. Is it really such a bad thing to reduce the amount of pollution in the air we breath? Do we want our cities to become like Beijing where pollution is virtually unregulated? A city constantly blanketed in smog where people are suffering chronic health issues and many people have to wear masks daily. Not me.

    • "Massive" increase?? Where's the data to support that statement. Can you show me glaciers in the world that are thousands of feet thick that have been melting at a rate GREATER than 1700 feet per year?

      Please don't point to those grant scientists' data who were caught red handed cooking their data. Just go out and find me the glaciers that are melting FASTER or equal to the continental glaciers. Good luck. You'll need it.

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