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Climate Change Myth Debunked

athabasca glacier canada

Climate Change Myth | This is the Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rockies. It's the poster child for the man-made climate change group. The fanatics point to this glacier's rapid retreat and melting as proof positive that man is ruining the planet! It's a climate-change myth. They only tell you half the truth, if that much. I took this photo in 2012. Copyright 2021 Tim Carter

Man-Made Climate Change is Folly - Look at the Rocks

SUMMARY: Climate change is real. It's constantly changing, but man has little to do with it. It's important for you to realize my college degree is in geology with a focus on continental glaciation. Just 20,000 years ago the last continental glacier had reached its maximum advance. It averaged 3,000 feet in thickness and extended from the North Pole across most of Canada, all of New England down to New York City, across the upper Midwest, and much of the Rocky Mountains were engulfed in deep snow and mountain glaciers.

This monstrous glacier started to melt about 15,000 years ago and retreated back to the North Pole within 7,000 years or so. The climate went from arctic to tropical in a matter of a few thousand years.

There were no factories, power plants, buses, trucks, etc. spewing CO2. Mother Nature changed the climate as she did three other times in the past 2,000,000 years! You may be one who's been tricked using powerful psychology.

The following hard evidence etched into the geologic record has been withheld from you on purpose. You've been played and should be angry about it. The ultra-elites who control the world's leaders are promoting man-made climate change to transfer trillions of dollars of your/our money into their pockets.

usa today twitter post climate change

How funny is this? Left-leaning USA Today that screeches man-made climate change is real is saying here it's not. There were no fossil fuels burning in Medieval Times for goodness sake.

Are you on the side of the debate thinking that man-made CO2 exhaust is going to create devastation? If so, you better watch this video because CO2 is absolutely not the issue.

Is Al Gore your Earth-Ball hero? Are you aware that just about all his predictions never came true? How do you feel about that? Were you sucked in by his blarney?

Do you believe the world is going to end in 2032 because of climate change? The idiot AOC Congresswoman from New York made that prediction just after being elected. She's a complete idiot.

Stop and ask yourself WHY you believe this?

What you believe about man-made climate change, is it true?

Or, do you believe it to be true just because you heard others say it was true and you choose not to do the hard work to discern the actual truth?

Do you believe it just because so many others including politicians, paid talking-heads, and paid pundits on cable opinion, not news,  shows say man-made climate change is real? Do you quake in fear as these seemingly authoritative figures are screeching that you're going to die, your house is going to be crushed and your life ruined forever because of out-of-control climate change?

If so, you're a victim of the powerful and seductive psychological triggers of social proof, authority, and scarcity. Read all about these powerful psychological forces here that are being used to manipulate you and steal your money via green-energy taxes.

Do you believe in data provided to you by scientists you've never met? Do you realize the scientists have their own personal beliefs and may ignore data that conflicts with their inner ideology?

Do you realize many scientists get grant money that forces a bias in their work? Do you remember how the UK scientists providing climate-change data were shown to be dishonest and served up baked faked data? Look up those stories online.

Have you applied any critical thinking skills to the debate? In other words, have you based your beliefs on hard data you've studied or are you just trusting others that are supposedly doing the critical thinking for you?

You need to apply critical thinking to the climate change issue. It demands it or otherwise, you could find yourself on the wrong side of history just like all those scientists of old who swore the Earth was flat.

Think about that. Think how vicious that argument was hundreds of years ago and how those that disagreed with the flat-earthers were persecuted.

Be wary of doublespeak spewing from the mouths and keyboards of needy scientists that grovel for grant money from liberal think tanks. These groups push the man-made climate-change narrative. The scientists are obligated to give the think tanks baked data. It's basic psychology. Read all about reciprocity here.

Climate Change Myth Debunked - Look At Rocks For the Truth

My college degree is in geology. Think about the old saying cast in stone and what it means. The true story of climate change is cast in the geologic record all over the world. The facts locked in the rocks are irrefutable.

Your feelings about man-made climate change are rooted in your inner ideology. When a core ideology issue is attacked by an objecting argument, it's normal for you to reject what you're hearing, reading or seeing. The global warming crowd, well now it's climate change, defends their beliefs ignoring the hard-core reality in the rocks all around them.

Here are some basic facts that prove man-made climate change is folly:

  • vast continental glaciers have advanced and retreated in North America four times in the past 2,000,000 years
  • no CO2-belching factories, buses, cars, trucks, coal-fired power plants, etc. existed during that time
  • mountains in the Northeast USA have giant glacial scratches proving the glaciers were there
  • enormous glacial outwash deposits are scattered all over the Northeast and Midwest USA from the glaciers
  • New York State's Finger Lakes were created by the continental glaciers
  • Central Park in New York City has exposed bedrock with deep glacial striations

Geologic data contained in and on top of rocks can't be baked by scientists. Rocks, sand, and gravel tell no lies. If you want the truth, you look at geologic data and ignore biased scientists.

You can see evidence of climate change in New Hampshire geology. But we didn't spew out CO2 to create the continental ice and then melt it all!

New York City Glacial Striations - Evidence Abounds

You can spend a day or two or three examining all of the continental glaciation facts in and about New York City.

This past article in the New York Times offers you some stunning illustrations, facts, and history.

Look at this photo of a huge glacial striation in the Pemigewasset River just a mile south of Bristol, New Hampshire. The bowl-shaped groove was cut in the granite bedrock as the huge continental glacier slid over the rock using fine stones in the ice to grind the groove:

glacial striation new hampshire pemigewasset river

The red arrow points to the glacial striation. (C) Copyright 2021 Tim Carter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Athabasca Glacier Facts - The Cold Truth

athabasca glacier canada

This is a close-up shot of the Athabasca glacier. I was standing on it about a mile up from its terminus. While it seems enormous, it's not compared to massive continental glaciers. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

It's important to realize the man-made climate change believers point to the Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Icefields as proof that evil man is to blame for climate change!

Another key point is I've walked on the Athabasca Glacier. It's tiny and it's always been tiny. The glacier is maybe 3 miles long and only 2,000 feet wide.

It's thin. It might only be several hundred feet thick at most.

Since the late 1800s, the time frame we've been spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, the glacier has retreated less than one mile.

That equals about 37 feet 6 inches of melting per year. You can confirm this with ease. Go do it now.

What would you say if I told you glaciers thousands and thousands of times bigger and thousands of feet thick melted much faster? Think how fast the climate would have to change and how hot it must have been to make this happen.

Keep reading and keep your mind open.

cross-bedded glacial sand in nh

This is cross bedded sand and small gravel in central New Hampshire. It's far above the current river bed of the Pemigewasset River. The last continental glacier's meltwater deposited this sand about 12,000 years ago. I took this photo in 2017 at the Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club. Credit card is for scale. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Continental Glacier Melt Facts

The last continental glacier was massive. It covered the north pole and extended down and past Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The tremendous glacier left a nice conversation piece for you to go look at.

It's called the Doane Rock - a glacial erractic boulder.

In addition, consider these additional continental glacier melting facts:

Glacial Map of Ohio

This is the glacial geology map of the state of Ohio. It shows the different geologic evidence of the massive continental glaciers. Copyright 2018 State of Ohio

Summary - Always Look At Rocks for the Truth

The massive continental glaciers were thousands of feet thick. They covered tens of thousands of square miles. The minuscule Athabasca glacier is a tiny pin prick on a map compared to the huge ice sheets.

The massive ice sheets melted at a far faster rate than the Athabasca glacier is retreating. That evidence is undeniable.

There was no man-made CO2 around during the four periods of continental glaciation.

Al Gore and the man-made climate-change groups are telling you lies to make vast sums of money.

If you want the truth, always follow the money and study the rocks.

Remember, rocks can't lie, but Al Gore and scientists that get grant money can and do lie.

In closing, I'll not be arguing with you in the comments below. I can't change your inner being, even though you're on the wrong side of history on this issue.

Just as history eventually showed that scientists and experts were wrong about blood-letting, the earth being the center of the solar system/universe and the earth supposedly was flat, you may live to see that man-made climate change is just not true.

Kenny Chesney wrote a great song about where you might be at the present time. Listen.


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