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Closet Organization Remodeling Project

Joy Davis, who lives in Iowa, tackled this closet remodeling project.

"I was going to reorganize a wall in my entry closet but the more I thought about it the more I decided to do.

So I ended up painting all the walls, pulling up the linoleum in the front part of the closet and taking up the carpet in the back closet (the back closet was the original entry closet but we added another closet on the front of it years ago), building new shelves and putting in a regular closet pole instead of just hooks.

I put new shelves in a little cubby on the right (which had been a big jumbled pile and you could never find anything).

I am a very rank amateur at building so I used plastic totes for drawers in the cubby. Also I bought some plastic CD/DVD holders in which to store nail and screw boxes.

I added hooks and hangers for brooms and such to get them off the floor. And some wire baskets, by the door, to organize and store hats and gloves. I got them at Wal-Mart. They were called stackable baskets and were for fruit and such. I hung them on cup hooks, so they are removable. It had been a real mess before, using the old box on the floor to store the hats and gloves. Everything was always spilling out. I also added a lower set of hooks for grandchildren's coats.

In the process of cleaning the closet for the remodel, I found some linoleum tiles that I forgot I had. There was enough to do the entire closet!

I spent less than $80 on the project. I used reclaimed boards and leftover boards where I could and I either painted or re-stained them. Unfortunately, I took my before picture after I had cleaned and started on the project instead of when it was a total mess where you could hardly walk through it."

Joy Davis

Joy Davis' Closet Before
Joy Davis' Closet Before
Joy Davis' Closet Floor
Joy Davis' Closet Floor
Joy Davis' Closet After
Joy Davis' Closet After


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