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Coast G10 Flashlight

Coast G10 LED Flashlight in hand

Coast G10 | I don't have big hands. Look how the flashlight is a little longer and as wide as my biggest finger! But it's BRIGHT! You can get it in Black or Silver. CLICK or TAP HERE or the image to have one in your hands in days.

Coast G10 Flashlight - Very Small But Very Handy!

I had a chance to test out the Coast G10 LED that sports a cone-shaped inspection beam.

I loved it! It's a perfect prize flashlight to give to someone for their purse or pocket. It's about the size of a jumbo Tootsie Roll, so that's not big at all!

Coast G10 LED Flashlight

This little guy or gal is bright as can be. You can see things up to 65 feet away. That's plenty of time to throw a snowball, golf ball, or ping pong ball at the banshee you've highlighted. CLICK or TAP HERE or the image to get one now. This flashlight is SO AFFORDABLE!

Coast G10 LDE Flashlight

One AAA battery is all you need to turn night into noon. CLICK or TAP HERE or the image to astound your friends and enemies with your savvy buying skills!

Coast G10 LED Flashlight

One fresh AAA battery in warm temperatures should provide 2.5 hours of light. CLICK or TAP HERE to see if that's true. Don't use crap batteries. Consider rechargeable ones like I use.





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