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Coast LK375 Light Knife Review

Tim Carter demonstrates the bulky Coast LK375 Light Knife pocketknife. If you're a 6' 5" lumberjack with BIG hands, this could be your dream knife.



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  1. Tim, I appreciate your honest, straightforward reviews. Well done.

    I do have a suggestion for you, you're a decent-looking guy but while watching your videos I am always bothered by the reflections in your eyeglass lenses. Please consider an anti-reflective coating. :

    Bradenton, FL

  2. Thanks Tim...I did not know Coast had such an item. I first discovered Coast flash lights in Sturgis. Got a decent deal so I tried their light. It has been a faithful light source for three years now and as bright as the day I got it. I have noticed their products are now made in China. Not really happy about that, but it seems to be the norm for many companies. Anyway, I will try to locate the light knife and give it a"feel" as you suggest. You did not mention the MSRP or the price you may have paid. Just curious.

    Thanks again


  3. Hey Tim old friend,
    You know I love you, but I think you missed the point with the new light knife from Coast. Two points actually – safety and functionality. In addition, you instantly categorize this tool as a "pocket knife" although I have seen nothing from Coast that does so. My question to you: is it less bulky than having a knife in one hand and a flashlight in the other? And is it much more safe than that, or having the flashlight in your mouth, or between your knees, or stuck in your arm pit? Yes, we’ve all been there. Didn’t you just have a piece on flashlights exploding in your mouth? Like ALL multi-tools, the combination of functions is going to require a little more real estate, esp. if you want to incorporate quality features and durable design, which this tool certainly has - top-grade steel, top-quality light, waterproof to IPX7, uses just one AAA battery, lifetime warranty. You can buy sleeker knives and more powerful flashlights; in fact Coast sells both. But the idea is that you have BOTH high-quality components in a one-handed tool, making you safer, more accurate in your work and more productive. No, you probably won’t carry this knife around in your pocket. It wasn’t really designed for that, although its remarkable light weight makes it easy to carry on a belt clip and, as you point out, and it is quite comfortable to hold as you also mention. I don’t suppose you carry your Crescent wrench or hammer in your pocket either (at least usually)? This is a very useful tool that will save you time and make you markedly safer. To be honest, I had my doubts that Coast, despite their many talents, could pull this off. But this is a real quality tool. I absolutely love mine, and I think nearly everyone will. BTW, related to the “hold it in your hand” comment – the knife comes in a box, so feel free to pick it up and do just that – before you buy. Full disclosure: I’m retired now, but I used to help Coast with their marketing. Best wishes, Tim. Dan Harrell, Pahrump, NV

    • Dan,

      Well, I don't know what to say, but I'll start with this.

      If I need a flashlight and a knife at the same time, I'd probably opt for Coast's LED headlamp or the one made by Energizer. This puts some real light where it's needed.

      The issue with multitools, in my opinion after looking at many different types, is that they all suffer from bloat. By design, they start to swell up to accommodate the two or more tools.

      In this case, you just have to wonder why Coast didn't explore putting a rectangular LED right at the end on the back at the hinge point.

      The entire light and battery would be forward of where you grip so it would not feel bulky in your hand. They just would need a high-performance micro battery to power the miserly LED bulb.

      I still love you Dan, but it sounds like you still have a dog in the fight even though you're retired.

      Did you see the great comment I got on this video at YouTube? It says it all. Go look at it. 🙂

      • No dog in the fight, I assure you, other than some sentiment for a great company that always takes innovation and quality to the next level. On the contrary, it seems like you had a "bone" to pick and performed a pretty shallow exam of this tool. I seriously LIKE this tool and I'm going to use it a lot. I'm more than willing to give up a little space for the quality ingredients. Did you try the light? Or the blade? Not just turn it on or open it up, but really use it. I just went hiking and put this tool on my belt before I left home. 3 hours later, I came back from the trail, drove home and didn't realize I had it on me until I took off my shirt - so I really think you're beating the wrong horse here to describe it as too bulky. It is what it is. I certainly agree with you that everyone should go grab ahold of one and form their own opinion about that. But there is a lot more going on here than just size. Oh, I do love headlamps, my friend - but that's kind of begging the point - the idea is two tools in one. You could also run a drop lamp (if possible) or bring a lantern or wait for daylight (if possible). As for your design suggestion, I'm holding it in my hand, and I don't quite get your idea? But it might work, and micro batteries are great - if you don't mind the expense, or until you're somewhere where you can't get them, which is still lots of places. I've tried holding the knife with multiple grips and in both hands, and I can't find a position where the light inhibits my grip, or balance. In fact, I really like the feel and it's better if you want to remove the belt clip. One thing I'm certain of, Coast would love to hear any ideas you have. You can go directly to the product page and comment there, or email the folks doing their PR now (CDM) and they'll pass it along I'm sure. Be well, Tim.

        • Dan,

          The tool is bulky. Of that there's no argument.

          Anyone who's ever held a pocketknife in her/his hand will notice it right away.

          We all know there are tradeoffs with multitools.

          In this case, the lyrics from Kenny Chesney's famous hit song will tell the tale if users are willing to put up with the bloated blade.

          Within a few months user reviews and comments will be posted on Amazon where all can see what the Court of Public Opinion will rule in this case.

          I suggest you listen to the sage advice of Kenny. Click this link:

          Only Time Will Tell, But It Ain't Talkin'

          • Well Tim,
            I don’t rely much on public support for my opinions – and I don’t think you should either. But in this case, it looks like the verdict is in; and sorry to say my friend, you lose there too. Big time. As of this evening (4/30) there were 36 reviews (none by me) on Amazon for the Light Knife.

            The results: 5 Stars = 17, 4 Stars = 15, 3 Stars = 3, 2 Stars = 1. That’s a 4.3 overall rating. Nine out of 10 people gave it 4 stars or better. Try to get that kind of consensus on anything else! Even the 3-star reviews had very positive comments about the tool.

            It would be good for you and your audience to read a few of those reviews to see what’s important to buyers and product testers in a new, unique tool. One that is BOTH a good knife and a good flashlight. I don’t mean to be didactic, Tim, but I really think that if you stop looking at this product as a “pocket” knife and think of it like you would any other new tool, your perspective might change. Or not.

            But I think you should at least consider lowering the volume of that highly-inflammatory subhead, which is what got me fired up in the first place. It’s too big for YOUR hands? Ok. But you certainly do NOT have to be “lumberjack with BIG (emphasis yours) hands” to handle one – and you know that’s true. I’ll accept a little humor from anyone, but you have a bigger obligation and responsibility to the public as well. BTW, like you I received my sample free – not from Coast, but from a friend. However, I intend to donate that one and have already ordered 4 more – one for me and 3 to use as gifts. I think it’s an extremely cool gift that many of my friends will really like too!

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