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Colin Jaffe’ BehrPro Paint Interview Video

Tim Carter interviews Colin Jaffe', Behr Senior VP of Professional Sales, on February 12, 2014. The first-ever Behr Paint editors conference had just concluded and I was one of but a small handful of media invited to the event. It was one for the history books to be sure.


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  1. Sherwin-Williams, you have a problem on your hands. Home Depot's huge footprint lacks the intimacy of a boutique. But if Behr proves its excellence, who needs a boutique ? Or perhaps Behr will price its high performance paints in line with others in that segment in which case I will continue with my local vendors.

    A homeowner, I favor the local hardware, paint, electrical, and plumbing shops. Their service and wares are all top-notch. I cheerfully pay for top quality materials knowing that "investment" will pay well in the long run.

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