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Concrete Driveway Sealer Video

Concrete driveways are great, but you do not always know if they will installed correctly. In the Tri-state area, a concrete driveway that was installed properly will withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it. But if it was not properly installed or if you are not sure, you better seal it. You can easily apply an application of a silane - siloxane sealer.

First, clean the driveway, brush off all the loose material and be sure it is dry. Be sure to purchase the right sealer. Look on the label for the words silane/siloxane and water repellent. Do not buy silicone sealers. They are bad because they form a film on the surface that does not breathe.

Get a sprayer with the a hand pump. Pour in the sealer and completely spray the driveway. The sealer will dry clear and not change the color of the concrete. It is a simple job. Maybe not as easy as Tim is demonstrating. (Watch the video.)


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  1. Hello Sir,

    Where can I buy the sealer product (Masonrysaver WB) as seen in your video?

    We are living in Ontario, Canada thought. I have tried to look for it in local home improvement stores such as Homedepot and home hardware but none is available.

    Thank you for you help in advance and have a wonderful day!


  2. Hi Tim, I am in Florida and I notice that where the expansion joints are, there appears to be clean places where RoundUp has been applied to stop weeds. Before I seal the concrete, I'd prefer to get the whole driveway looking similar so as to not seal in the difference in appearance, making it permanant. Any advice?

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