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Concrete Epoxy & Masonry Epoxy Repair

Concrete Epoxy & Masonry Epoxies

Possibly you have used an epoxy to mend a broken plate or some other object. Well, there are incredible epoxies to mend concrete or concrete block. There are many specialized epoxies for special purposes. Almost all require that the crack to be repaired is dry.

These products require some effort to work with. Often you need to chisel out the crack, install a gel coating to act as the outer form, install little injection ports, and then squeeze in the epoxy. With a little practice and the right tools, you can successfully fix cracks.

Some epoxies are actually stronger than the concrete when properly applied. It is similar to the welding process with metal. These products can almost never be found a a home center. They are sold at specialty supply houses where concrete contractors purchase their supplies.

Check your yellow pages to see if there is a listing that says "Concrete Products - Retail/Wholesale." This is a good place to start! There are also professional applicators in many cities who will epoxy your cracks and offer a guarantee. So, if you hesitate to try it yourself, consider having a pro come into your home.

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