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Concrete Footer Part 2 Video

Concrete Footer Part 2

Hello, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com. I have some exciting things to show you today. We're here at the job site and the concrete truck is here and we are getting ready to pour the concrete foundation footer. Check this out.

The workman, down in the hole, had set up a bunch of wood forms and it is filled with wet concrete. He is smoothing it off. The forms are level and he is giving the footer a nice finish even with the tops of the forms.

The truck is getting ready to pour concrete in another section of the footer. Watch how this is done. You can see if you have good access with the truck, you can have the truck do most of the work. You can see the concrete flowing down the chute. Notice the consistency of the concrete. It flows right into the footer forms. The worker just guides the concrete around the rebars. You will recall that the rebars give the footer concrete a lot of tensile strength. The driver is helping by backing up and getting the concrete in the right spots. By directing the chute right to left and adjusting the concrete flow, he can provide just the right amount of concrete into the footer. Plus the worker isn't overwhelmed with too much concrete.

That is how you pour a concrete footer or a foundation footer for a home.

Continued in Concrete Footer Part 3. Click here for Part 1.


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