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Concrete Foundation Crack and Defect

Janis Hatch is building a new home in Lafayette, CO. She thinks she's got a problem with her new foundation.

"We are building a home with a national builder.  The foundation was poured last week.

When the forms were removed there was a pie shaped gap about 15 inches long (vertical) at what will be the corner of the garage.  It will be backfilled.

Foundation Crack

The photo is dark, but you can see the gap that concerns Janis. You're looking at a stepped footer and the gap is located where the upper footer contacts the foundation. Photo credit: Janis Hatch


We brought this up to the contractor and was told it had passed inspection.  I am concerned this gap will lead to future foundation issues such as water seeping or settling issues.

Is this an issue or are my concerns legitimate?"

Janis, I've got good news for you. You don't have a problem. 

The gap was caused where the two footers are at different elevations. Had I poured the footer, I would have connected the two and had a crisp 90-degree vertical footer face much like a set of steps.

But your builder chose to do it the faster way.

Structurally, there's no issue and the gap will get filled up with dirt or gravel.

I urge you to visit the job site as often as possible and take photos of everything that will be covered up. These photos will be invaluable at a later date if you do have issues. Take photos of everything you can.


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