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Concrete Slab How To Part 3 Video

Concrete Slab How To Part 3

Hi, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com and we are here continuing to pour the concrete slab. I want to show you a neat tool they are getting ready to use. It's a power screed. It's really, really cool.

It has a small gasoline engine on it. That gas engine causes, through a cable, a vibration in the long blade of the screed. In this example, the workers have created two spots that they are screeding against. You will notice a spot right along the wall and the other spot in the middle of the slab.

They start at the wall and move the screed towards the center. This floats the surface of the freshly poured concrete. The operator just gently pulls the screed along the concrete, but the surface is smooth after the screed passes over it.

With a nice long pull, the powered-screed smooths a wide section of the slab. This keeps the scab surface in the same plane. You can definitely see the difference between the screeded section and the untreated areas. In the old days, it would take lots of time to float that much area.

That is a nice powered-screed. I doubt you will have one on your do-it-yourself job, but hopefully if you use professionals, they will have one. It is a great tool to do a lot of work in a small amount of time.

This is the third of four parts on How to Pour a Concrete Slab. Click here to watch Part 4.


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