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Concrete Tools Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com and we are here at a job site today, where they are getting ready to pour a concrete slab. I want to show you something before we get started. First, I am sure you can hear and see the concrete truck getting ready to pour concrete.

Next let's talk about the tools used on a concrete job. Check this out. Here are two concrete rakes. They are just regular tools that look like a normal rake, but a little funnier. They have solid fronts on them and they have a hook on the front edge. The hooks are used to pull up the wire mesh as the concrete is being poured.

The concrete workers will use magnesium floats along the edges to help place the concrete up against the walls. In addition, they will use a bull float to smooth out the surface of the freshly poured slab. Another great finishing tool is the powered screed. This tool vibrates and smooths off the concrete and get it all in the same plane.

Those are some of the tools that will be used during the pouring of a concrete slab. You will need most of these tools when doing your concrete work. You might not have the large power-screed. In the older days, they used a nice straight 2x4 piece of lumber. There is also an aluminum screed that looks like a 2x4. That provides the nice straight edge. Be sure you have the proper tools when it is time to pour your concrete slab.


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