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Connect Pex Pipe Video

Tim Carter demonstrates in less than a minute how to connect pex piping. Tim's a master plumber so you can trust him!

CLICK HERE to read my recent column on connecting pex pipe.


10 Responses to Connect Pex Pipe Video

  1. Tim, really liked your video regarding pex pipe. Question for you though for someone who is a little clueless. Are you strictly using pex pipe to pex pipe? Meaning no combination of say copper to pex pipe?

    • I could do an entire series on the topic. They make solid brass fittings to transition between pex and copper. You sweat the fitting onto the copper first, clean off all the flux, allow it to cool, THEN you install the pex onto the other end of the brass fitting. The brass fitting has the same ridges in it so the pex BITES into it as it shrinks making a waterproof connection. Every fitting, valve, etc. you can dream of is available for pex.

  2. Tim,

    You are using PEX A ... I have used PEX B ... that have the metal compression rings. Pex B seems to work well. I have never had a joint fail. Do you believe PEX A is a better system?

    • I've never had a failure with PEX A. You just have to do online research about both methods and see what the real story is out there with many users.

      Also, see if you can get honest answers out of the general manager at the plumbing supply house you buy from. They usually only want to handle the BEST products because the don't want angry customers / plumbers returning stuff.

  3. Sooo, what if I want to or need to connect PEX A to PEX B? Can I use a PEX B coupling with a clamp on PEX A tubing or is there some other way. I don't want to remove all the PEX B already there. I just want to add a the existing system with PEX A.

    • So very very simple. Look on the PEX pipe to see who made it.

      Then CONTACT THEM to see about intermixing brands/types.

      NEVER EVER trust advice you might get from someone else on the Internet. Especially a PRESSURIZED piping system that could BURST in your absence!!

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