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Construction Bid Tips

Obtaining Bids

This is a tough thing to do sometimes. However, the first thing you need is a complete set of drawings and specifications. This will virtually ensure that each builder or remodeler will be bidding on the same thing.

Try to make as many selections of finished materials as possible. this will eliminate allowances. Allowances in bids can easily create confusion. Sometimes a builder will slip an artificially low allowance in his/her bid to give a lower grand total number. This can cause big problems later when you find out that you need more money to purchase that particular item.

Insist on itemized quotations for large projects. These line item breakouts enable you to see whether or not an item has been forgotten. They also allow you to set up benchmarks for payments to your contractor. As always, insist on copies of the bidder's Workers Compensation and general liability insurance policies. These are a must!

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