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Construction Checklist Comparison Chart

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The Bid Comparison Spreadsheet is an Excel Spreadsheet that allows you to enter in the itemized bids from the final three bidding contractors. Sophisticated macros within the spreadsheet highlight, in red and green colors, the high and low bids for each individual item. This feature allows you to quickly see the danger areas in each bid. In addition, the spreadsheet shows you the highest and lowest amount the home could be built for if you total the respective individual high and low amounts for each line item in the spreadsheet.

My Bid Comparison Spreadsheet costs just $15.00.

My Spreadsheet can and will save you heartache and lots of money.



  • Itemized bid spreadsheet with automatic highlighting
  • Sophisticated macros add up the costs so you don't have to!
  • Instant Download in Microsoft Excel File Format

My Bid Comparison Spreadsheet costs just $15.00.

It is delivered to you the instant your credit is approved in Excel file format. Excel, or an equivalent program, is required to open this spreadsheet. You simply double click the Download URL link in the email that is sent to you and the file downloads to your computer.

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