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Below are customer reviews received regarding the AsktheBuilder Shop and the Ask the Builder products.

"I just wanted to thank you for a excellent eBook on Crown Molding.  I just recently made this purchase from your website.  What a wonderful on line tool and very easy to follow the directions.  I want you to know that I am a rookie at this type of wood working, but your eBook made the job much easier and far less frustrating to complete the job that I was working on.  Best part about all of this is that I am completely blind or visually impaired as some might say, but had fun working on this task. While I am very capable of working with selected power tools, the guide made the job that seems to be a serious challenge for many, very possible for me.  Thank you for the help..."

- Kevin O'C., Indianapolis, IN


I received my bucket of Stain Solver and have to tell you that the stuff is scary - in a good way! I couldn't believe what it did for the no-longer-white grout on my office floor ... and I swear it continued to work even after I rinsed it off. It not only cleaned the grout, but took a layer of dirt off the tile that I didn't realize was there. Now I have to do the whole room since there is a big, super-clean square in the middle!!

I also put it to work on some very old pet stains on the beige carpet in the master bedroom ... some of them will require more treatment, and you can see that the carpet is slightly lighter where I treated, but it took out spots that we have been unsuccessful at removing with Resolve, Woolite, and a number of other "stain removers". Now I'm looking forward to trying it on clothing stains............

Thanks ... I will tell everybody I know about this great stuff!"

- Lori B., Gonzales, TX

"No question, just wanted to say I stumbled across your website and am verrrry pleased to have found it.  Took me 5 minutes to realize how superb and complete your answers are to questions posted.  Thanks,"
 - Jeff, Lynnwood, WA

"Thanks for the discount for your product. Your lightning quick response to my question and the fact that you would make a recommendation to me even though it did not involve your "stuff" spoke volumes as to your ethics. Even though my floor is already clean, I wanted to try the [Stain Solver] product on some other problem projects, in large part because of your actions in this instance. So, I placed an order tonight. I'm sure I'll be one of your loyal customers like the ones who have given testimonials on your website.

Thanks again."

- Kay, Spring, TX

"Once again thank you for taking the time to address my concerns. I followed your [Stain Solver] instruction on a small portion of the floor and left the solution sit for about an hour now - I can actually SEE it working. I'm running to the store in a few minutes and expect when I get back that the grout will be totally clean - the way it's worked so far I don't have much doubt that will happen. "Oh ye of little faith"!!

What a JOY it is dealing with a "vendor" who cares about his customers. I've had nothing but nightmares recently with Sears - therefore your response is even MORE meaningful!"

- Barbara, Miami, FL

"I am a new subscriber to your newsletter after finding your website in a search for a problem that I had. I can't remember what the problem was now, but in viewing your website I saw the information about Stain Solver and decided to order some for use on a deck.

A few days after it arrived, my husband dropped a plastic half-gallon container of cranberry grape juice on the ceramic tile in the doorway to the kitchen. The lid broke and the juice -- about half the jug -- shot across our light beige Berber carpet. We soaked up as much of the juice as possible with old bath towels. I then saw the Stain Solver box sitting on the counter, so I decided to mix up some and try it. I poured the solution liberally on the carpet, worked it in with the back of a large spoon (so as not to damage the carpet fibers), then vacuumed it up with our shop vac. I did this several times and was amazed that the carpet appeared clean!

In the morning there was a pink cast to it, however, so I repeated the process and this time also tried a hint that I found on the internet. I put paper towels on the cleaned wet spots, then a bath towel, then plastic wrap, and then heavy books. I left it that way overnight, then removed it. The stain was gone. The last procedure helped to wick the remaining stain up out of the carpet and into the paper towels.

I never expected anything to take that huge deep purple-red stain out. Your product has paid for itself a hundred times over in saving me from having to recarpet my condo."

- Karen V., Woodbury, CT

"PS: Fortunately the juice was sugar-free so I didn't have to worry about whether there would be any sticky residue, although Stain Solver might have taken that out, too."

"Well, I've got the [Shower Pan Liner] EBook & am anxiously reading it. I can already see in the details about leaving a gap in the studs for the membrane fold is the type of info that is invaluable ......... I already like what I see after just reading the first couple of pages. In fact, I liked it so much, I called my wife over to the computer & had her read it with me. ....... Well, I've got more reading to do so I'll get to it!"

- Greg Kolber, San Jose, CA

"I purchased six pounds of your Stain Solver almost a month ago. I cannot believe how great this stuff works. (I will eventually send you some pictures once my daughter shows me how!)

I did my mom's deck first, it has been much neglected and had a lot of mildew/algae built up on it. She is 77 and I was worried she may slip and fall on it because it was quite slimy when wet. I showed up with my rag mop, bucket, long handled scrub brush and the piece of resistance (imagine a French accent) - Stain Solver. Both my mom and my sister gave me a look like why are you wasting your time, why didn't you bring the pressure washer? I told them to just go about their business because I did not need any help and that they would both be surprised to see the results. They did not act to enthused until they, like me, saw the first few boards. After I had let [the Stain Solver] sit for 10 minutes, it was like brand new wood.

I could smell the mildew/algae as I scrubbed with my brush, it just like melted off the wood. I told my sister to come up and see the results in just the little area I had scrubbed. She was amazed. She stayed right up on the deck and was like - "What can I do to help?" I couldn't keep her away from my bucket of Stain Solver. She was like "Do you think this would work on the grease stains on the garage floor? Could I use it on this or that…..?"

Both my mom and sister were so happy that it didn't hurt her plants around the deck. I'm bummed because I used almost all of it on their deck and now I won't have enough to do mine. I also wanted to tell you what else I used it on, my bird bath. It was very nasty and slimy. I sprinkled a little in and filled it with water and let it sit for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. I scrubbed a little with a brush and rinsed it very well. It looks brand new!

Well the main reason I am writing is I need to order ... the 12 pounds and use my coupon. ... Thank you."

- Pam P., Traverse City, MI


"I was very pleased to not only receive the EBook on cutting Crown Moulding but to also get your explanation of what happened when I ordered it twice and a refund for the second order... There are still good honest people out there. Impressive. I have had a chance to quickly read through Tim's book and as a long time DIYer was impressed. I have never had the chance to work with crown as yet but our latest renovation project has lots, so I am eager to get at it now. Thanks again for the honest... and prompt... service."

- Glen Adam, Alberta, Canada

"WOW, that's all I can say! I purchased your product last week to clean the grout on my 800 sq. ft. of tile, and it looks as clean as the day we moved in eight years ago. I must admit, I was a little skeptical when I ordered the Stain Solver, but after having used it, I know I will always have some on hand and look forward to cleaning my wood deck this spring. This is by far one of the best products I have purchased in many, many years. Thanks Tim!"

- Ed, Macomb, Michigan

"Thank you for sending me the Room Addition Checklist. I read through the document, and it's quite thorough.

I know that this will be a useful and valuable document for me."

- Fredia J.

"I bought Stain Solver for the grout on my bathroom floors. Wow! I have tried numerous products to clean the everyday dirt, but nothing brought my grout back to its original white color. Stain Solver did the job, and I was amazed. Thanks!

Place your right hand on your left shoulder, and your left hand on your right shoulder...squeeze. There, you've just had a hug from utvandymom! Have a great day!"

- Margaret from Tennessee

"Thank you, Tim.

I used your (Walk Thru) checklist for the condo I plan to buy and really surprised all involved. They had only allocated 30 minutes for my walk through since it's just a condo, but I kept them there longer and feel much better. There were only a few things that need attention but I would have never noticed them if it weren't for your packet. So, thank you.

All the best,"

- Holley S., Nashville, TN

"This is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!! In today's business the customer is not often treated with respect, so I was surprised by your quick response. Thank you."

- Bill L., Stoney Creek, Ontario

"Hi Tim,

Your product is, by far, the best grout cleaner I have ever used, and I thank you for delivering "the goods" , in more ways than one."

- Al Lawrence, La Jolla, CA

"Hey Tim,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent book you wrote about crown molding. It was my first time trying to put crown molding in my house today. It looked easy until I actually tried it, then I got pretty frustrated. I came across your website after trying to get some help on the internet, and then I saw your book. Your book was the best money I could have spent. Within minutes after reading the section on inside corners, I was back at it again making the right cuts the first time! So easy a caveman can do it! The resale value of my house is definitely going to increase now. Thanks again for writing the book - it was a lifesaver!"

- Nick Agle, Kennesaw, GA

"Hi, Tim,

Your ebook "Building Simple Stairs" was an excellent guide in building a proper staircase. It was written in a straightforward, easy-to-understand style, the pictures were very useful, and your advice was invaluable. The guide contained tips that saved time, aggravation, and money. There were many suggestions that I don't have in other help books that cover the same topic. I particularly appreciate your advice on building stairs with mortises, adding the 1.5" edge, and using the X-acto knife to mark the mortises. Very clever.

Thanks to your guidebook, we were able to build a set of stairs – with a landing and U-turn nonetheless – and turn an unused attic at an outbuilding at my cottage into a usable loft. We now have an extra place for guests to sleep in two weeks for (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend!"

- Rob Hyams, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Hi Tim,

Just wanted to let you know that with your advice to use stain solver and a just a little bit of elbow grease we were able to clean & recolor/seal approximately 300 square foot of grout for a fraction of the cost. We were quoted $650.00 from a professional grout cleaning company. The cost of your Stain Solver, a long handled grout brush (easy on the back for the cleaning part) and the stain/sealer combination came to a grand total of $65.00. We now have a floor that looks brand new for 1/10th the cost!"

- Wanda Sidley, Cleveland, OH

"I received my order Thursday afternoon. My kitchen tile floor is disgusting. We have light/medium brown grout in between, but this had gotten super dark brown and I couldn't stand it anymore.

Some areas that didn't have heavy traffic, still had the original color that it is suppose to be. The heavily traffic areas were awful. I was going to hire someone to come out and steam clean it, although I didn't know if that would work. I just refused to scrub that floor. I would have an awful backache. I told my husband, I'm done cleaning this floor. No more.

I used the product, took extra powder and water just to get the first grout layer clean. I flooded my kitchen with the solution. Let it sit as long as I could, 1 hour, and then proceeded to mop up the mess I made. We had company coming in Saturday. The floor looks 98.9 percent better. I plan on re-doing the whole floor one more time. Like I said, it had gotten real bad. Now every time I mop my floors, I will use this Stain Solver solution to clean with.

Thank you again. I will let you know how the next application makes my tile floor look."

- June Hunter, Jacksonville, FL


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