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Construction Scaffolding Video

Scaffolding is a great tool for certain outdoor projects. It allows you to create a nice wide, flat, stable working platform. Ladders limit your work area width. Scaffolding can provide a wider working area up to 10 feet wide.

The frames and cross braces slip together without the use of tools. Scaffolds must be to set level and plumb. Use large blocks of wood under the legs to accomplish this. Never set a scaffold leg on the soil without the blocks. The weight of the scaffolding and your weight could drive the legs into the soil, causing the scaffolding to tip over.

Stacking sections on top of one another can create a high working platform to reach your chimney and roof. You can rent scaffolding from tool rental stores or from scaffolding specialty shops. Many will delivery it to your project.

If you don't like working on a ladder, get some scaffolding. Safer, stable platform and easy to use.


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