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Consult Tim Carter

Advanced Content and G o o g l e AdSense Training

by: Tim Carter

Yes, I will make myself available to help you. But before I agree to do so, you need to qualify. I am only looking for those who really want to learn and have a good feel of all of the principles I have already talked about.

If you are a quick learner, you might be able to cram everything you need to know into a quick 90-minute telephone session. I will call you at a time that works for you and will even record the phone call on my mp3 player. I will then send you a CD that has the mp3 file burned on it. This allows you to concentrate on the answers instead of taking notes that might not make sense a week later. If you need a follow-up phone consult, that can be arranged as well.

Click here to order a 15-minute phone consult. Just order a quantity of six for the 90-minute consult.

If you really want to get intense training from me, then you might want an all-day session. You can come to my city - Cincinnati, OH - or I will come to you. We can also meet at a neutral site (wink, wink!) and work while we are basking in the sun and being laced with warm breezes. Personally, that is my preference. If you happen to be a golfer, we can celebrate to your success the next day with a round of golf on me.

The price for this session includes my travel and lodging costs to any location within the lower 48 states in the USA. If you want me to travel to some other location, we will have to investigate the extra cost and time of travel.

Click here to order the full-day-in-the-sun consult.


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