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Consumer Reports – Deck Sealers

Consumer Reports for Deck Sealers

I urge you to visit your local library and view a copy of the current consumer reports for deck sealers. Here are the May, 1997 and the June, 1999 issues of Consumer Reports. These articles refer to the special announcement regarding early results from a five year study consumer reports has conducted on deck care products. At the end of one year, nine products failed so miserably they felt they had to warn the consumer - that's you!

They also listed some products that were doing very well after the first year. Each spring they revisit the topic and give new updated information. Based upon the May, 1997 article, here is a list of the products you should avoid at all costs:

  • Behr #92 NWF Clear
  • Behr #89 Clear Preservative
  • DAP Water Repellent VOC
  • DAP Water Repellent Sealer

EB015 Cleaning & Sealing Deck eBoo Cover

  • Sears Weatherbeater #18065
  • Thompson's Water Seal
  • Thompson's Water Seal Ultra
  • Tru-Test Tru-Seal
  • Wolman Raincoat

Here is a list of products that Consumer Reports is having good luck with after one year:

  • Behr Plus 10
  • Cabot Decking Stain and PTW Stain
  • Olympic Water Repellent Deck Stain
  • Thompson's House and Deck Stain
  • Wolman PTW Deck Stain
  • Akzo Sikkens Cetol DEK
  • Benjamin Moore Moorwood Clear Wood finish
  • DAP Woodlife Premium
  • Olympic Natural Look Protector Plus



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