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Coping Saw Video

Have you ever cut two pieces of woodwork at 45 degrees and go to put them together and they do not match? This happens when you cut perfect 45 degree angles with your miter box saw, but the room corners are not 90 degrees. How do we fix this? Cut corners like the old German carpenters. Cope the corner.

It is not necessary to cut angles on both pieces of trim. Cut a straight edge on one piece and place it in the corner. Then you slide the other piece with the profile cut on the end into the first piece. How do you do that?

You can either trace the profile onto the piece of trim from the other section. But that is to hard. An easier way is to use your miter saw. Cut a 45 degree angle with the outside angle. Then take the coping saw and cut the wood at the point where the face of the woodwork meetings the cut end. Cut it back at a slight angle.

This will match up with the other piece with very little or no gap at all.


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