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Tim Carter received the following email from Gary not too long ago:

"Just had a new roof installed. As I was getting my quotes, I had asked about adding copper to the roof. They said that the new shingles have an ingredient in it that is resistant to mold and discoloring. I am thinking I should add the copper. I do not want to void my warranty or harm my roof by doing it. What are your thoughts?"


This email has quite a few moving parts. Tim decided to devote a podcast to the topic. Listen to the copper roof strip shingles podcast now.

Why Should Copper Be on a Roof?

Copper is a natural biocide. It will kill algae and prevent moss growth on a roof. Zinc and lead are also natural biocides. Watch this video:

Copper will also significantly PROLONG the useful life of your asphalt shingles.

Tim Carter was the first person in the world to discover this fact and he PROVES it in his Roofing Ripoff expose' book. Copper ions that are blasted off strips of copper at the roof ridge by the photons in sunlight wash down onto the roof. This copper bonds with the asphalt molecules and prevents cross linking. Cross-linked asphalt is what causes it to become brittle losing granules and causing shingle curl. Read Roofing Ripoff NOW and save THOUSANDS of dollars!

Some people think that zinc or lead strips might also do what copper does with respect to preventing cross linking. There's NO EVIDENCE this is true. Just use copper and not HOPE that all will be well.

Look below the book cover image to see HOW the copper should be installed.

roofing ripoff book cover

Here's my Roofing Ripoff book. It's an easy one-hour read. You'll save $5,000 reading it. GUARANTEED.

copper roof strip on new house in bar harbor

I was the first person in the world to identify that copper prevents the oxidation of asphalt molecules on asphalt shingles. See how easy it is to install this copper in a new-roof installation? CLICK the photo or TAP HERE to order the copper strips.

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