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Copper Tubing Flaring Tool Video

Most people are familiar with hard copper tubing. You know the type that has to be soldered at the joints. But, there is another type of copper tubing that does not require soldering. Soft copper tubing is available in a variety of sizes. It can be bent without kinking. In addition, it uses compression fittings or flare fittings to create leakproof connections.

A special copper pipe flaring tool is required. This tool consists of two components. One piece is a clamp with holes for the various diameter tubing. Clamp this on the end of the copper pipe. The other piece has a conical point, holding arms and a screw.

But, wait! Before flaring the end of the tubing, be sure you slide the compression nut onto the tubing first. If not, you will not get it on the tubing. Once the nut is on the pipe, attach the second part on to the clamped piece with the conical point in the tubing. Tighten the screw to create the flared end on the copper tube.

Done this way, the connection will not leak. Working with soft copper tubing is very simple.


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