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Copper Tubing Projects Video

Copper Tubing Projects

Soldering copper tubing is not that hard, even if you are plumbing challenged. Some of the items you will need are lead free solder, plumbers abrasive cloth (like sandpaper), wire brush, flux and a torch.

The first step is to clean the copper tubing and fittings. Use the plumbers abrasive cloth to lightly sand the outside diameter of the tubing. The wire brush will be used to clean the inside of the fittings.

Once the fittings and tubing are bright and shiny, apply a small amount of flux to the outside of the tubing. The flux helps the solder attach to the pipe. Then insert the tubing into the fitting.

Very important, apply the heat to the joint, but do not apply the solder right away. Heat the fitting for about 10 seconds. Take the torch away and apply the solder. If the pipe and fitting have been properly heated, the solder will flow into the joint.

Follow these steps and practice a little and you will have great soldered joints every time.


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