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Cordless Drill Driver Video

Do you have a standard electric drill around the house? And a screw gun? These are usually corded power tools. The electric cords get in the way. There are chuck keys attached to the cords. What a mess!

The new cordless drill drivers eliminate the messy cords and chuck keys. This cordless power tool does the functions of both a drill and a screw gun. These tools feature two speeds and forward and reverse.

The clutch collar allows you to preset the screw driving depth. The lower numbers on the collar means the screw is not driven as deep. There is also a setting for drilling.

With an additional battery, you can switch batteries when the first one dies and continue on with your project. Accessory kits are available with mounted drill bits and screw driver bits. Insert one of the bits into the tool, hold the drill chuck collar and turn on the power. This will tighten the chuck without the use of a chuck key.

These tools come in a variety of power options. The 18 volt or 24 volt models are for the serious do-it-yourselfers or contractors. The smaller and light 14.4 volt models are for those that only do an occasional job or weekend project.


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