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Craftsman Quiet Technology Snowblower Video

Tim Carter tests out the Quiet Technology Craftsman Snowblower. This snow blower is equipped with a new quieter engine.

The blower was tested after a 6 to 8-inch snowfall in central New Hampshire. It was a cold day with temperatures in the mid teens F.

When you see a close up of the muffler, the white cloud is water vapor that's condensing in the cold air. It's not the engine burning oil. The new engine started on the second pull. Not bad!

The zero-turn levers are one of the coolest features on the blower. They're under the hand grips and allow you to spin the blower in place making it very easy to maneuver. These zero-turn levers also help you move and turn the blower when the engine is not running. It's a welcome, and much needed, feature that you'll never want to be without.


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  1. Do they (Craftsman) or anyone else offer snowblowers in diesel?
    I seen them on youtube, they can go through anything in their way but they all seem to be do it yourself conversions.

  2. Edward, no, there is no diesel Craftsman snow blower. My guess is that they would be pretty heavy, noisy, and the needed pollution controls a bit silly for a snow blower. If you are looking for a stronger unit, there are Craftsman 28, 30, 33 and 45 inch blowers, but only the 26's (with and without 'zero turn' are the new Quiet Technology models.

    Disclosure - I proudly sell these! Plus I have an older, non-Quiet version of the same snow blower - and it's made snow clearing a lot less painful for me! 🙂

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