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Craftsman Snowblower Video

We are going to blow some snow today and have some fun. We will be working with a Craftsman snowblower. Snow blowers are not a too much different from a lawn mower. A mower has a big blade under the deck that spins around and shoots the grass out the side of the lawnmower. A snowblower does the same thing. It has auger blades in the front that spin and cuts into the snow. It then feeds it back to another high-speed impeller that shoots the snow up and out the chute. As a safety precaution when using a snowblower, wear ice cleats on the bottom of your boots. They simply attach to the bottom of your shoes or boots and make sure you don’t slip on the snow.

Before you use the snow blower, get the owner’s manual out and read it, including all the safety precautions. These are dangerous machines and you, or someone nearby, could get hurt. Respect the snow blower as you would any other power tool.

This blower has a powerful gasoline engine with an electric starter. Plug in an electrical cord to the unit and push the start button. It also has a rope-pull start in case the power is out.

This model has a lever that controls the discharge chute. You just tilt the lever to the left to discharge the snow to the left. Or to the right for the opposite direction discharge. The same lever will adjust the height of the discharge out of the chute.

Snow blowers have a transmission similar to an automotive. This one has six forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Adjust the speed according to the depth and how wet the snow is. Go too fast and you will choke the front of the snow blower. You will have to experiment with the proper speed.

Snow blowers are a bunch of fun if you have to shovel snow. They will save your back. And this one matches my shirt and pants! Cool. One last thing if you want to make sure your snow blower works for you in the winter, be sure to do maintenance in the fall before the snow falls. Also, make sure that your driveway does not have any rocks or sticks on it, that could get into the augers and break the shear pins.


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