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Crawlspace Wall Insulation Podcast:

Tim Carter received a great crawlspace wall insulation email from Craig who lives in Ohio. He sent amazing photos you can see below. Craig wrote:

"Hi Tim,

My crawlspace is about 660 square feet. I've attached pictures of the current condition in the crawl space. The insulation was simply nailed into the sill plate board resting on top of the foundation wall.  The result is an on-going struggle to keep insulation hanging in place. How best can I keep it in place?"

Look at Craig's photos then LISTEN to Tim's advice in the podcast at the top of this page.

You can also read below, look at other photos and WATCH the videos:

crawlspace wall insulation

The following photos are from my daughter's new home. THIS is how Craig should finish his crawlspace:

crawlspace wall insulation

What is the Best Crawlspace Wall Insulation?

The best crawlspace wall insulation is closed-cell foam. You keep it in place using a special adhesive that fits in a caulk gun.

Who Makes the Best Foam Insulation?

I feel Dow and Owens Corning make superb closed-cell foam insulation. I have the Dow blue board under the floor of my shed. Watch the video just below:


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