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Cultured Stone® – Installation Costs

Cultured Stone® - Installation Costs

Lower Than Natural

Cultured Stone® installation costs are a fraction of that of real stone. The reason why is it installs so much faster.

Depending on the artificial stone pattern you pick, it can install like ceramic tile.

Nationally, the labor price to install artificial stone ranges from $9.00 to $17.00 per square foot (2017 pricing), depending upon your geographic location.

Cost of the Stone

The price of the stone itself can range anywhere from $7 per square foot up to $12 or more per square foot. (2017 prices).

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IMPORTANT TIP: The price can be much higher in different areas. The $17.00 per square foot price is by no means the absolute highest it can be. There are no less than 25 factors that come into play with respect to pricing.

Once again, even though this material is light weight, shipping costs can dramatically affect the cost of the material, especially if you live in a very out of the way place.

The interesting thing about the above numbers is that the national average cost is actually $8.50 per square foot. This means that it is very affordable when compared to natural stone installations.

Other Products

Aside from Cultured Stone®, many manufacturers produce artificial brick, cap stones, planting bed edging materials, brick pavers and cobblestones.

Some of the larger companies, such as Cultured Stone Corporation, have the capability to produce custom colors as well. This means that you can individualize your project to suit your own tastes.

If you are planning a stone project and like a particular color of natural stone, simply obtain a few samples and these companies will do whatever is in their power to match them for you.

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  1. The cost estimate that you provide for the instilation of amn made ston venere is realy low since the cost of the stone itself exceeds $7.00 a square ft .

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