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Cutting Ceramic Tile Video

Does your indoor project include a new tile kitchen countertop, a back splash or a powder room floor? Cutting the ceramic tile will be a major part of the project. It is easy if you use the right tools.

The first thing you need is a tile cutter. These are simple to use and make cutting tile easy. They have a carbide wheel that cuts the tile. Place the tile into the cutter at the proper cut location, roll the carbide wheel over the tile to score it. Then apply a little pressure on the handle and the tile snaps perfectly right down the scored line.

You can also use a hack saw with a special carbide tipped blade. These blades and the hack saw allow you to cut "L" shapes in the tile. Use the hack saw to cut one leg of the cut and finish the cut with the tile cutter.

Special hole saws are available for cutting that perfectly round hole in the ceramic tile. You can rent these tools or get them at specialty tile stores. With these proper tools, your ceramic tile project will turn out great.


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