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Cutting Pex Tubing Video

Cutting Pex Tubing

Hi, I'm Tim Carter, and today I want to show you a quick tip on how to properly cut Pex plumbing piping tubing. Very simple to do, but first let me tell you what not to do.

I know you will be tempted to use a circular saw or a miter box saw to make the cuts. But don't do it!! These saws will just tear up the pipe and in fact, the pipe might even explode while cutting it this way. That's no good.

Maybe you want to use is a hack saw. Well, you might be able to get halfway decent results, but what will probably happen is you will get ragged edges from the teeth on the blade.

Another option is a razor knife but this is a dangerous tool to use. It might slip and cut you. It will give you a really smooth edge if you have a sharp razor blade.

Finally, here's the tool that the piping manufacturer want you to use. It looks like a fancy pair of scissors or shears. It is made for both the 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch tubing. Watch how simple it is to cut the tubing with this tool.

Just take the Pex piping, put it in the shears and just easily squeeze the handle. It easily cuts through like butter. The advantage is it gives you a nice clean cut that is square to the length of the pipe. That is important for a great fit on the fittings. It's that simple.


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