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Davinci Roofscapes vs. Asphalt Shingles Video 5 of 5

Tim Carter takes you on a tour of his new Davinci Roofscapes Single Width Slate roof. You'll agree it's a gorgeous roof that would look fantastic on your home.

Tim refused to install another asphalt shingle roof because the one on his home that was supposed to last 30 years began to fail in about nine years!

Many people across the USA are suffering from poor-quality asphalt shingles and are looking for an alternative.

This DaVinci Roofscapes material may be of interest to you!


13 Responses to Davinci Roofscapes vs. Asphalt Shingles Video 5 of 5

  1. Just out of curiosity, Tim, how much would you estimate you've saved in labor costs by doing it yourself? Looks fantastic, by the way!

    • Brian,

      I'd estimate I saved about $25,000. I couldn't locate a roofer near me that could win my confidence that he could do the job without constant supervision. Since that was the case, I thought, "Hells bells, I might as well break out the hammer."

      I had a few miserable days and early in the job I was mentally beat down by the overall size of the undertaking. The help I expected to have vaporized like my sweat that fell on the searing hot surface of the new roof!

      It's a marvelous product and you simple can't believe what it looks like in person.

  2. Tim, your roof looks amazing! My husband's parents have an old farmhouse that had a 100-year-old slate roof they recently replaced with metal, which also looks great and fit their budget, but cannot compare to the historic look of slate.

    One question for you though. If the DaVinci shingles are a plastic polymer, won't they fade over time -- just like plastic shutters do?

    • Cheap plastic shutters fade because the manufacturers don't put in the correct UV stabilizers to prevent fade. I'm quite certain DaVinci has included the needed pigments and UV blockers to minimize fade.

      Only time will tell, but it ain't talkin' as Kenny Chesney said in his hit song.

      If you want my opinion, a little differential fading over time might make the shingles look even MORE realistic. Real slate oxidizes over time. What you see fresh out of the quarry is not what you see on a slate roof that's been in place 50 or more years.

  3. Gorgeous roof! I can't believe you did the whole thing by yourself! I mean I can, but... Wow!! What an undertaking. I'm sorry your help fell through. At least you know the whole thing was done correctly!

  4. Tim,

    It looks great! Can you walk on the roof? There are maintenance jobs I do myself that require walking on the roof.

  5. I would have trouble distinguishing your roof from a real slate roof. It looks great. There are some steep areas of your roof that must have been a challenge to tackle. You don't mention the difference in cost between your shingles and say GAF asphalt shingles. Long term savings speak for themselves, but the up front costs are what I am referring to.

    • Everyone who comes to my house to look at it thinks it's REAL SLATE. Yes, some sections were tough. I did the entire roof myself. I carried every bundle of those slate shingles up onto the roof and nailed each one by hand.

      I never mention cost in videos because six months AFTER the video is posted the information is inaccurate and everyone watching the video gritches in the comments, "DUDE, your prices are WAY OFF MAN. Get with the program."

      I've been doing video for nearly twenty years and learned LONG AGO to stay away from pricing. If you want prices, you just go look it up. You should already know, just looking at it, that it's going to cost more than a POC asphalt shingle.

  6. Tim, this a hell of good looking roof, my congratulation for your choice. My roof was re-shingled three years ago and I doubt I will be around because of my age to do it again. I have grand sons who have a house and I wonder how to inform them about this product because we live in Canada where it is colder than where you live. I can find out on its availability In Canada but has it been tested for the north?

  7. Thanks for the detailed info about your product and installation experiences with the DaVinci Roofscapes polymer slate roof.

    Do you have any updated remarks about how the roof is holding up and pros / cons concerning the product that you have noticed since your posting of these excellent videos?

    We really appreciate your sharing your research, personal experience and professional expertise with us as we look for help with our own projects.

    Excellent website and resources, Tim!

    • Thanks Mary!

      The roof is fantastic. It's been in two years now and if anything it looks BETTER with age. I can see NO WEAR at all on the fantastic product.

      However, the shingles are beginning to develop more of a matt finish which to me looks more like weathered slate.

      I'm going to build my dream home for my wife on Mt. Desert Island and I'm using the same product. The new house will have a slightly different design and we'll incorporate several different colors.

      We're building a replica of an historic Queen Anne Victorian house.

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