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December 14, 2008 AsktheBuilder Special News

What's in This Issue?


I have a few quick things I want to share with you today. Look for a beefier newsletter packed with home-improvement tips in  a few days. Check out my new slogan when you get to the end of this newsletter.


I've received several emails asking if I'm a victim of the savage ice storm that has paralyzed the Northeast for the past three days. The answer is yes. I was without electricity for about 19 seconds and the Internet was down for five hours.

The reason the electricity was only out for 19 seconds is because it takes about 10 seconds for my new Kohler 17kw standby generator to automatically switch on. We lost power here at the house twice early Friday, once at 3 a.m. and the second time at 6 a.m. The first time the power was out for about 90 minutes. The second outage cut power and the cable connection to the Internet for five hours.

My Kohler generator, powered by propane, ran like the Energizer Bunny. I just read on USA Today a story about the storm and how three NH residents already have died from carbon monoxide created by portable generators. You have to be so very careful when you use portable generators to help you limp through a storm such as this.


First, you need to know how satisfying it is to both write this newsletter, and then hear back from you. Two days ago, several things happened to me, and they were all related to you.

Within the past three weeks, I asked if you could help by sending me actual tear sheets of my column from your newspaper. In my post office box two days ago, there were two letters, one was from R. Grubb of Delaware, OH, and it had a tear sheet. Thanks! The other letter was from Roger Hamel of Cedarville, MI. Roger had sent fantastic diagrams of how to wire a 3 and 4-way switch. Way to go Roger!

Getting physical pieces of mail, other than bills and junk mail, in this day and age is almost like Christmas morning. Sending a hand-addressed letter with a personal note is becoming a lost art. Receiving one is a true delight, just like listening to the song Christmas Canon as I type this.

Then, a few hours after getting back from the post office, I got an email from a colleague. Mike Kegley, is a custom-home builder in Northern Kentucky. I had the distinct pleasure to meet Mike years ago when I was doing my weekly radio show. Mike, and his family members, own BOLD Homes. Suffice it to say they build really fine houses. He was lamenting my exodus from Cincinnati to New Hampshire. He was both kidding and serious at the same time. But what prompted him to contact me was he had just read my most recent newsletter and decided to respond.

The point to all of this is I feel you're my friend, even if you don't email me or send me things in the mail. I get many replies from subscribers, often within minutes of blasting out the newsletter to you. Almost every one is a thank you, has a story in it how the newsletter helped or just a personal question. It's a pleasure to read each one.

Several issues ago, I told you I would share with you what I wanted for Christmas. It's really easy. Could you forward this newsletter to all of your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. and mention why you enjoy it? If you can share how a past issue of my newsletter has helped you and suggest they subscribe, that would be ideal. It would mean the world to me if you could do this. Here is the direct link to the sign up page


Four days ago, I sent you a newsletter telling you about my end-of-season Stain Solver sale, as well as the special on the newest eBook.  I had a crazy typo in that story saying the sale would extend until 7 a.m. December 15, 2009. Sorry about that!

It was supposed to say 2008. And December 15th is tomorrow with 7 a.m. less than 24 hours away as I compose this sentence.

I'm offering huge savings on the 16 and 50-pound sizes of Stain Solver. Go see for yourself - nearly $40 alone on the 50-pound size. That's crazy insane discounting. There are only a few of each size left. We will not have any of this size until January 2, 2009, and when we restock the prices will be bumped back up to the original price.

As for the new eBook, if you order today you get a huge reduction in price, plus I throw in at no charge the newest eGuide about how to double the life of your three-tab asphalt shingle roof.

Watch for more juicy home-improvement tips in a few days.

Tim Carter Founder - AsktheBuilder.com

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