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December 18, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Well, we're just a week away from Christmas.

Are you ready? If not click to these recent issues of the newsletter for some GREAT last-minute gift ideas that can be brought to your home, or the gift recipient, by Christmas morning!

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If you're like me, you're running at a higher RPM right now with us closing in on the holiday.

I'm not going to waste great tips in this issue because your time is valuable.

But I've got two VERY IMPORTANT things to share that require your immediate attention.

Your Defective Shingles Book

I'm in the final days of completing a blockbuster book that's going to expose the shocking untold story most of the asphalt shingles manufacturers don't want you to know about your FAILING shingles?

What would you say if I told you that several major asphalt shingle manufacturers are refusing to answer additional questions I put to them?

Yes, they've erected the proverbial stonewall.

Would that get your attention?

I thought so.

Would it interest you that representatives of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association are also continuing to refuse to answer my questions?

Yeah, I knew that would put you over the top.

Can you spell coverup, conspiracy, unethical and a few other choice words?

I've heard through a secret backchannel of mine that at least one top asphalt roofing management person is very concerned about my book.

I'm convinced the membership of the above association has seen an internal memo alerting all about what I'm up to and that cooperation with me might be akin to treason.

You're not going to believe what I reveal in the book. I can say without a doubt it's going to shake the entire home building, remodeling and repair/relpacement industry to the core.

How does this looming deadline of mine affect you?

I hope to have this book complete in less than five weeks.

If you take the time to send me great photos of your FAILING asphalt shingle roof AND fill out my Defective Shingles Survey, you're going to get a huge discount offer on the book.

This offer EXPIRES in just days because after that I won't be able to include your story in the book.


If you decide not to fill out the survey, then you'll get a discount via this newsletter, but it won't be nearly as generous.

PLEASE TAKE a few great photos of your wretched shingles and CLICK HERE to send them to me.

I'll have some great new information for you after Christmas so enjoy the next week leading up to this magical day.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!

Remember, if you celebrate some other holiday this time of year, my festive greeting translates to you too.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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