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December 19, 2012 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Well, we're less than a week away from Christmas. The excitement is really building here at the Carter house. I hope it's ramping up for you too.

Last weekend, we had a painting party at my daughter Meghan's apartment. She got married back in September, and she and her new husband Brent moved about 35 miles south of us.

The day before, last Friday, I helped Meghan and Brent build a new base for a used giant oak butcher block table they purchased on Craigslist. We had to get the apartment painted before we moved the table up into the eating area.

I coached Meghan the entire way through the table restoration process, from removing the old finish with a belt sander, to building the base and finally her staining it yesterday. I can't wait to see the end result. She sent a photo of the table after it was stained, but it's just not the same when you see it in person.



I've run quite a few contests here in this newsletter. The two most recent are the Bosch Take-Back-Your-Day tool chest and LE Johnson Pocket Door giveaway. It's lots of fun to do these. Go to the LE Johnson photo gallery and you can see why so many entered that contest!

I beg subscribers like you to enter these contests you see here in my newsletter.

Why? Because you're guaranteed to lose 100 percent of the contests you don't enter.

Guess what? Bryan Peterson of Coon Rapids, MN is a WINNER! Read what he sent me hours ago:

"I've been following your newsletters and receiving helpful hints from you for years now. I can't begin to tell you how helpful your tips have been. For all it's worth, I want to let you know that I think you are a real stand up guy. I appreciate you being so honest with all of us and frankly I really enjoy reading your newsletters.

Now on to the nuts and bolts of why I'm writing this. Thanks to you I entered the Bosch Take-Back-Your-Day contest and guess what? Yea, that's right, I won. Not only are they giving me the entire L Boxx system, but they also decided to throw in an 18v cordless drill. I couldn't be more excited. This will help me out tremendously when transporting tools to and from the jobsite. Thank you very much,"

Bryan Peterson

Bryan, first, congratulations and secondly, you're most welcome.

It's my job to dispense tips and tell you about contests. I'm so happy you won!

Do us all a favor if possible. When the new Bosch gear arrives, could you stack it in front of you and have someone take a photo? I'd LOVE to publish that photo here to let other subscribers know it really pays to take the time to enter these contests!



Are you puzzled what to put in those stockings? I know, you need AFFORDABLE, but really useful gifts. Here are some last-minute ones for you.

But HURRY, ORDER THEM NOW so they arrive by Christmas!!!!

I love my Energizer Solar Flashlight. It's requires NO batteries!! You let the sun charge it, or you simply turn the crank!

Don't you hate it when your cell phone dies? No power. Ugh. Get this Instant Charger for your phone if it has a micro USB connection point.

If you have an iPhone, you need to click here.

You can't have too many drill bits. Not ever. These are premium Bosch drill bits and really affordable.

How many times have you heard me that one of my MUST-HAVE tools is my Stanley QuickSlide razor knife? It's so comfortable in your hand. And really compact!

Lastly is the Kindle Fire. I love my Kindle Fire. I love downloading books in seconds.



Yesterday my very good friend Chuck Eglinton sent me a Christmas gift. He did it in SECONDS.

He sent me a Kindle ebook. I just had to open my Kindle Fire, click a button, enter my password and the ebook was in my reader in seconds.

It's an excellent story, written in poem form, that you can read in less than 15 minutes. You've probably heard the story before, but David Anderson does an excellent job of re-telling it in his own words.

His children did a magnificent job of illustrating the book. It comes in traditional paper form or you can read it electronically.

Remember, you do NOT have to own a Kindle Fire or regular Kindle to read Amazon Kindle books. You can download the Kindle app for your iPad, your smartphone or ANY computer.

This is a book you need to get and read to your children or grandchildren. It's a book that should be read from the pulpit of your Church next week.

Please purchase A Visit From Heaven. You can send it now as a gift to someone like Chuck did to me. It takes you just a moment to send this as a gift.

Send it to your kids so they can read it to your grandkids. Send it to friends who might need to hear the story again.

David's up there now possibly hanging out with my mom and dad and someone you know. My guess is they're getting ready for Christmas too. You know it's a big day in Heaven!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

I'll be taking next week off. I'll be back here after the New Year!


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