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December 2, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

We're looking down a double-barreled shotgun at Christmas.

That can be both good and bad. The Christmas season adds another layer of stress that takes some to the edge of their sanity.

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For that reason, I've decided the rest of the newsletters for December are going to be a little light on home improvement and heavy on things that may make you chuckle or look at what's going around us in a different light.

If you're a new subscriber, I'd like you to sit back, relax and partake in what might be one of the most unique newsletters you'll ever receive. Each week I get multiple responses from subscribers that tell me how much they enjoy the personal touch I attempt to fold into each issue.

I hope you agree!

Tip of the Week

That Unusual Odor in Crawl Spaces and Basements

Have you ever been in an old house's basement? It's got that musty, damp smell? Do you know what causes that?

Mold spores are ejected from the mold plant - if you want to call it that - by pressurized gas. Think of it as a very tiny mortar. The gas has the distinctive odor you and I smell. So when you smell that odor, there's mold present even if you can't see it.

The builders of old didn't have something that was developed in the 1960's that would have allowed them to prevent the mold. Do you know what this magical product is?

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Funny Christmas Card Story

I've been a professional writer now for over twenty years. I didn't major in English in college, but had the very good fortune to have great editors at my newspaper syndicate, and some newspapers, that have taught me much about grammar, punctuation and writing rules.

One thing I've become hypersensitive to are hyphens. Frequently people don't put in this connection punctuation when they should.

Kate Brannen happens to bork out about apostrophes in Christmas cards.

Are you making this mistake when you order yours?

What's on Your Wall, Tim?

Two weeks ago, I introduced you to the newsletter opening video experiment. I taped it in my garage as I had my back to my workbench.

I was FLOODED with emails, one could have been from you, about what the pegboard and hangers were just behind me in the video. You wanted to know who made it and how to get it.

Well, it's Wall Control, the BEST metal pegboard in the world as far as I'm concerned. Two of the things I love most about Wall Control are it's a family business and it's all Made in the USA - down south in Tucker, Georgia.

If you're looking for a unique gift that keeps on giving year after year after year, you should really give Wall Control a serious look. I had the good fortune to see this product just after it was invented and talked with Richard Grove, a second-generation family member who was displaying it at the National Hardware Show in Chicago.

Why should you look now? I've teamed up with Wall Control to offer you a special 10% off discount from now until December 31st. Every penny counts this time of year, so you should click each of the links below to see the amazing line of products.

Use this promo code: ASKTHEBUILDER1231TC

The pegboard comes in many different colors and comes with traditional holes if you want to use your existing hangers.

But once you see their unique hangers that will NOT pull out from the pegboard, you'll want to switch over to the Wall Control hangers and accessories.

For example, check out these following products they have, including pre-packaged systems so you. If you spend over $55 before you use the above promo code, you'll also get free shipping here in the USA.

Garage and Workshop Kits

Craft and Hobby Kits

Garden and Shed Kits

Kitchen and Pantry

Hooks and Accessories

When you use the promo code, here are the simple terms:

  • For ONLINE use only - no phone or fax orders
  • Expires on December 31, 2014
  • One coupon use per customer

Paint Spinning Tool

John Edmond reached out to me on Sunday and, well, let him tell you:

“I REALLY appreciated your Column 1067 (Cleaning Paint Brushes and Rollers). Your tips on cleaning paint brushes and roller covers were more than welcome--just what I needed, in preparation for next Spring's chores. Curious about your referral to "spinning tool," however. Could you amplify a bit, please?”

You bet, John.

The spinning tool is a great thing to use to clean paint roller covers. Once I’ve scraped as much paint from the cover as I can with the curved scraper tool, I can clean a roller cover in about 45 seconds using the spinner.

The key is to have some running water and spin the cover inside an old five-gallon bucket so the spray doesn’t cover you and anything near the sink or outside hose bib.

CLICK HERE to buy a spinner tool.

Follow Up on Thank You

You may have been one of my subscribers that responded to my Sunday comment about the lack of ‘thank you's' that should be written or uttered when they're deserved.

John pretty much hit the nail on the head for what I was trying to communicate.

“Hi Tim,

Thank you! For keeping this newsletter going. I enjoy reading it.

It's also a timely reminder that I should remember to thank those around me that I do business with from the grocery store checker to the mail delivery person, and many, many others. So thanks again for the reminder!”

You're right John! That's the message I was trying to convey on Sunday.

That's enough for today. I'll have more for you on Friday.

PLEASE go up and click those links to Wall Control and be AMAZED at all they have.

It's one of the very few products I'd attach my name to. That's how strongly I feel about this great, great product.

Tim Carter


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