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December 2, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Christmas is coming! Yippee!

It's a magical time here at the Carter house, and I hope so at your home.

Now that the train conductor season is over and my roof is complete, I've got time to start selling more of my stuff on eBay.

I'm in this giant PURGE mode to sell stuff I no longer want nor need to then get stuff I do want. You might consider doing the same.

My very good friend Chuck Eglinton wrote an authoritative eBook about selling and buying stuff online and much of the advice is still very relevant.

CLICK HERE to view what's in it.

I listed three things yesterday and the auction ends this Sunday night.

Gold-plated Craftsman Socket Set

75th Anniversary RIDGID Pipe Wrenches

RARE EMT / Paramedic Boston Marathon Hat

All of these things are somewhat rare, but the hat is the most rare. Click above to see how few there are and how I got the one I'm selling.

If you know an EMT or Paramedic that likes to jog, then this may be the perfect one-of-a-kind Christmas gift.

Standby Generator Follow Up

On Sunday, I shared the story about Rebecca's standby generator woes.

I linked to a video I taped several years ago that shows my standby generator. CLICK HERE to see it if you didn't.

You may have been one who objected to my harsh treatment of the Generac generator that Rebecca has had problems with at her home.

What I failed to do was to tell you that I get complaints from folks about this brand on a routine basis.

You can also read all sorts of problems by doing a search using this phrase:

generac complaints

My advice to you is simple.

You and I are so lucky to have the Internet. Use it before you buy.

Go do searches about the brand / model of the thing you're thinking of buying. Look for complaints and nightmare stories.

Fantastic PR Person

Over the past twenty-two years, I've interacted with hundreds of PR (public relations) people. They constantly pound me with pitches trying to get me to mention their client's products and services.

Some of these people are deplorable, many are not too bad, and a tiny handful are real pros.

The media landscape has changed dramatically in the past twenty years and some PR people I deal with haven't kept up.

If you work for a company, large or small, and you need PR help, I want to connect you with a person who I feel is the best of the best.

She's the first PR person I met when I started AsktheBuilder.com and many other PR reps I deal with now can't even lace her boots.

If you're a new subscriber to this newsletter, you may think this is an odd thing to share. It's not.

I try, as often as possible, to share with you all sorts of things to help make your life easier, better, more profitable. This is one of those times.

Reply to me if you want me to connect you with this professional PR woman who gets results.

GREAT Stocking Stuffer

Are you looking for a really affordable gift that just about EVERY homeowner needs?

Get her / him the new True Blue Square.

I urge you to go read my review about this tool and see how much it's improved over the OLD model.

CLICK HERE to read the review.

My Finished Roof

You may not have been keeping up with my roof saga.

My asphalt roof #FAILED in just twelve years. It was supposed to last 30.

In fact, is your roof in trouble?

You MUST fill out my Defective Roof Shingles survey.

Each person that does is going to receive a FREE copy of my report that I'm working on right now.

I desperately need great photos of your failing shingles.

CLICK the following links to watch all five of the videos about my failed roof.

It's important that you watch them in order to get the full story.

Video #5 is the payoff one. It's got lots of footage and photos of my completed roof.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Thanks! Remember, fill out the Defective Roof Shingles survey now. Send photos!!!!

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That's quite enough for today. I'll have MORE Gift Ideas for you on Friday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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