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December 4, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I wish you could meet my wife Kathy. She would tell you all my flaws. You might be here for days and have to move in.
Anyway, in yesterday's newsletter I had at least THREE mistakes. You're busy, so let's get started on the corrections:
1. Tim, It's Cyber, NOT SYBER!
You may be one who told me about my spelling mistake. I should have told you it was intentional as I was invoking alliteration, one of the many tools in the creative writer's tool bag. Get it?  Syber Stain Solver Sale
2. The Fire Piston Link was WRONG!
I mentioned the great fire piston stocking stuffer. It's a COOL GIFT indeed, but I sent you to Amazon.com.
WRONGO! (I can see Kathy shaking her head and holding it in her hands looking down at the table mumbling something about accepting my proposal 40+ years ago.)
You need to go to a different website and you'll be greeting with this plain graphic:

This is a secret portal into a page built JUST FOR YOU.

To enter, you must type in:     atb
and click the "Enter" button.
When you do, you'll see a greeting and you'll see THIS fire piston:

This could end up being the best stocking stuffer you ever get for someone.

HURRY as they're on backorder now. To get one by Christmas, you MUST ORDER NOW.
If there's a delay, you'll have to put in a note from Santa saying,
"Dear Tommy, I'm sorry your cool gift is not here in the stocking on time. That Tim Carter - AsktheBuilder.com guy - is to blame! He goofed up in his newsletter. Go to his website and complain now."
3. Stain Solver Promo was at Stain Solver Cart ONLY
I told you about the Post-Thanksgiving Sale on Stain Solver. I was trying to Thank You for your past business and hoped to gain your trust if you've not yet purchased Stain Solver.
Well, I gave you a link to the Stain Solver shopping cart only. That's where the sale was. But you may have been one who shops here at AsktheBuilder.com knowing Stain Solver is here too.
Guess what? Roger, my IT assistant, asked me if he should set up the promo code to work at the ATB cart. I said NO! What an idiot I am.
The promo code to get a 15% discount is:
Then, guess what happened two hours AFTER I sent the newsletter?
I heard from Jim Neubauer who hails from Ellicott City, Maryland. Jim's a farmer who grows food for us.
Here's what he said: (I apologize in advance for his innocuous potty mouth reference. Being a farmer, I'm sure he's around manure quite frequently.)
"You Know Tim, I am very skeptical these days. But after reading about your cure all Stain Solver , I found "If you follow instructions" (The key here) that stuff really does work. I fill the washer and let my oil and dirt clothes soak for an hour prior to washing.
No S*** they were clean! I work a lot in Virginia clay and almost nothing gets those stains out except Stain Solver
Nice Stuff!"
Jim N

The image above Jim sent was a HUGE file. When you see it on my 24-inch monitor, believe me his clothes look BRAND NEW.

Don't ask me how Virginia clay gets down to Maryland. I'm a geologist and I can think of a few ways, but forget about that for now.

Thank you Jim for growing our food and for the great words about Stain Solver!
Okay, that's enough for today.
Next week even MORE GIFT suggestions for you if you're a procrastinator.
Tim "Mistake Man" Carter


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