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December 6, 2016 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Last week you may remember I was off to Chicago for a quick insertion business trip. I flew there around noon last Thursday and was back at Midway airport the following day around 3:30 pm.

I had gone to my favorite big city to visit the True Value Hardware paint factory near Cary, IL.


I discovered that True Value Hardware is quite serious about making great paint and stains and they've been doing it for quite some time.

After Christmas, I'm going to share a paint with you that you'll not believe. I can tell you that I was so impressed with the test results that it made my head hurt.

Why did my head hurt? Simply because another national brand has beat on you and me for decades saying *they* have the best paint for your projects. You know when you hear something enough times, you tend to start to believe it.

When you see what I saw after the Christmas season ends, you're going to be shaken to the core. I'm convinced you're going to race to the closest True Value Hardware store to get this magic potion for your projects.

Yes, you can only get it at a True Value Hardware store!

But that's a good thing because for decades I've told you that I prefer to shop at small hardware stores rather than the behemoth box stores painted orange and blue.

While in Cary, IL, I also got to eat my first-ever serving of Italian beef at Portillo's! Yummy!

You may not know this, but I'm a trained and certified train conductor. I rode the Metra train - the UP-NW line - out of downtown Chicago towards Cary.

What FUN! Here's a photo of the train I was on.

To handle the tens of thousands of commuters streaming in and out of Chicago each day at rush hour, perhaps five or six trains are spaced out on the 40-mile line at any given time. For all I know, it can be ten!

The train two ahead of us hit a car at the grade crossing in Mt. Prospect. No one was killed, but it brought train traffic on all three Union Pacific rail lines to a grinding halt.

I got off my train as it sat at the Cumberland stop. Friends of mine who were going to True Value with me picked me up and we drove to the hotel.

I didn't see one smiling face on that train. It's quite the opposite on the train where I've been a conductor. Smiles abound on my train! Click Here to see why.

FREE Contractor Hiring Tips

I created this new page on my website I'm going to link to from now on in each newsletter.

It's got five simple Hacks that allow you to make sure you don't get SCREWED when hiring any contractor.

Under the last hack are some links you can use to get FREE BIDS from several contractors at the same time.

Yes, you just fill out a form and magically you get FREE quotes. Try it and let me know how it works out for you!

CLICK HERE for the Hiring Hacks!

Heating With Firewood

Many, many people here in New Hampshire heat with firewood. We have billions of trees here and they grow like weeds in the sandy continental glacial soil.

I had the pleasure of using a few weeks ago the MOST POWERFUL log splitter I've ever put my hands on.

Oh my was it wonderful to use. It had a bunch of very cool features that SAVED MY BACK.

CLICK HERE to behold the machine that had 35-tons of log-CRUNCHING power!

Doghouse Commercial

Christmas is just weeks away. It's a magical time of year for many, but for you it could be stressful.

That's why you need to watch TWO VIDEOS to put you in a good mood.

NOTICE TO ALL MEN: It's REQUIRED you watch these videos before you buy ANYTHING.

CLICK HERE and be prepared to laugh - especially if you're a woman.


Yesterday I had a phone conversation with a widow here in New Hampshire. She's about to embark on several major remodeling projects in her home.

I shared with her the Contractor Hiring Tips I gave you just a few moments ago.

She needs a great remodeling contractor to make sure her bath remodel, kitchen redo, second-story garage finish and several other things happen without a hitch.

I told her about a new service I offer using Home Advisors.

She's about to get FREE QUOTES from architects to draw the needed plans, then she'll use my links to get FREE BIDS from contractors to do the work.

No matter what job you need done around your home, be it plumbing, siding, roofing, handyman work, etc. you can get FREE BIDS from now on.

In the RIGHT COLUMN of this newsletter, you'll see the two graphic ads. I'll also be including another banner ad in the copy of the newsletter.

TRY the FREE SERVICE and let me know how it goes for you. I want to hear about any positive experiences and if you have any problems let me know.

CLICK HERE now to get a FREE BID on any job.

Shopping at Amazon.com

This time of year you can REALLY HELP me. Each issue of this newsletter I try my best to help save you time and money.

If you shop at Amazon.com for Christmas gifts - or at any time of year for that matter - you can help support this newsletter by always going to Amazon using one of my affiliate links.

It doesn't make any difference what you buy there once you click one of my links. You don't have to buy home improvement things.

For example, CLICK HERE to see a bunch of cool power tools.

When you shop at Amazon using a link I provide, I get a tiny fraction of the profit they make. It does NOT cause your price to be higher.

I added a helpful giant ad at the BOTTOM of every column on my website to make it easy for you. The ad often has products in it that are related to the TOPIC of the column.

For example, if I write a review about power tools, you might see an ad like this at the bottom of the review:

Please consider using my affiliate links and I thank you in advance!

That's enough for today. I'm sure you're busy. I'm leaving for an eight-day trip with my youngest daughter so I'll have another newsletter for you soon, but maybe not until I get back!

Remember, take a deep breath this time of year and think about all you have to be thankful for.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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